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The Historians – Poems by Eavan Boland (October 2020) (Hardback)


Acclaimed poet Eavan Boland has been praised for her “edgy precision, an uncanny sympathy and warmth, an unsettling sense of history” (J. D. McClatchy)—all on display in The Historians. Here Boland returns to her signature themes, exploring the ways in which the hidden, sometimes all-but-erased, stories of women’s lives can powerfully revise our sense of the past. Two women burning letters in a back garden. A poet who died too young. A mother’s parable to her daughter. These narratives cling to the future through memory, anger, and love in ways that rebuke the official record we call history.

A forceful and moving new volume from “one of the finest and boldest poets of the last half century” (Poetry Review).


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New Selected Poems includes the key poems of Eavan Boland’s career to date, from New Territory (1967) to Domestic Violence (2007), concluding with a selection of new poems. Developing her work through more than a dozen collections, Boland continues to find new dimensions in language, in history and in the body subject to passion and to time. Her critical writing, her poetry and her example have made an emancipating difference to writing in Ireland.

As she remarked in an interview in 2000, ‘women are now writing the Irish poem across a very big register of new tones, new subjects, new approaches…I think I was one of the poets who became convinced of the need for change.’


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