The Engagement – Nasheema Lennon

Author: Nasheema Lennon

ISBN: 9780008560614


Speak now or forever rest in peace . . .

Nasheema Lennon

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Speak now or forever rest in peace . . .

When Victoria’s best friend Gwen announces she is marrying the rich and handsome Michael, celebrations are strained. Victoria doesn’t trust Michael – he’s hiding something. And he reminds her of someone she needs to forget. Too loved up to see Michael’s dark side, Gwen drags Victoria into a whirlwind of dress shopping, engagement drinks and elaborate maid-of-honour duties. Meanwhile, a mysterious visitor is leaving unwanted gifts in Victoria’s home, and Michael is becoming aggressive: no one gets between me and Gwen. The flirty best man, Isaac, is another distraction Victoria doesn’t need.

The clock is ticking until the big day. Will Victoria expose Michael’s secret, and save her best friend from a marriage made in hell? Or will her past catch up with her first?

Nasheema Lennon

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