The Age-Proof Brain: New Strategies to Improve Memory, Protect Immunity, and Fight Off Dementia

Author: Marc Milstein, PhD

ISBN: 9781637741429


Improve your brain health – and in the future.

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While there’s no magic pill that will turn an aging brain into a healthy, youthful one, you are far from powerless when it comes to keeping your brain in tip-top shape. By learning how your brain works, how to keep it working optimally, and identifying changes you can start making immediately, you can drastically improve your health –
immediately and in the long-term.

From Dr. Marc Milstein, known for his engaging talks on brain science, The Age-Proof Brain is a practical and accessible guide that turns cutting-edge medical research into easy-to-follow advice to help you fire on all cylinders – no matter your age.

Our power to improve brain function and reduce our risk of illness lies in the brain’s connection with the rest of the body-meaning that various lifestyle factors, such as sleep habits and environmental toxins, often have a greater impact on our health than our genes.

The Age-Proof Brain offers integrative, science-supported strategies to:
Increase your memory
Fight off depression
Improve your mood
Boost day-to-day productivity
Ignite energy
Prevent dementia and non-genetic Alzheimer’s

In the process, you’ll also get an entertaining guide to what’s really going on up there, how our brains are connected to our immune systems, and the surprising truth about what doctors previously got wrong about Alzheimer’s and dementia.

ISBN: 9781637741429

Marc Milstein, PhD

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