This practical book explains the art of stained glass for the maker. Focusing on leaded glass, it introduces types of glass, cutting and designing for glass, and the processes involved in building your own panel. It also covers installation and restoration of glass, repairing and rebuilding, and quoting for work. Written by a leading maker, this book provides the practical instruction and the inspiration for everyone ready to try this most uplifting of crafts.
This exciting book explains the secrets that lie behind the craft, emphasizes the importance of working with light, and celebrates the pure joy and excitement of working with this fragile yet powerful medium. Written with the maker in mind, it guides the reader through the processes of first working with glass through to designing and building your panel. It then goes on to look at the restoration and repair work the stained glass maker is often asked to undertake. This book is a beautiful testament to her talent, and to one of the oldest and most treasured art forms that never disappoints.

ISBN: 9780719841378

Sophie D’Souza