Secrets of Stone and Sea

Author: Allison K. Hymas

ISBN: 9781250799470


A summer visiting grandma turns into an epic life-or-death adventure for twin brothers Peter and Kai who must use their wits to keep the god of the sea from sinking the city.

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Rise, the ocean rise,
Rise and greet the shore,
With red and bread, he feeds on the dead,
And meets you at the door.

Twelve-year-old identical twins Peter and Kai are spending the summer in the town of Seaspire when ancient legends quickly pit the boys against a furious sea creature with the power to destroy worlds and sink cities. To prevent it from drowning the entire town of Seaspire, they’ll have to solve a set of codes and puzzles with ties to the lost city of Atlantis.

ISBN: 9781250799470

Allison K. Hymas

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