“Peter Ricq’s Ghost Are People Too is a gorgeous book that brings to mind the best of Edward Gorey. Filled with stunning artwork and a charming story, it is a sincere, beautiful, and imaginative love letter to the gothic and bizarre.” David Gallaher (High Moon)

Ethan Alby, for all intents and purposes, is a regular child with a family, a pet dog, a favorite pastime, and even a crush. Except he’s a ghost. And as a ghost, there is one thing he would like to improve: understanding between ghosts and “spooky living people.” Drawing on the very root of storytelling: explaining the unexplainable, Ethan describes situations that readers will recognize as regular activities for “spooky living people” and be charmed with his interpretations of them. They will also wonder if it was their resident ghost who might have snapped their favorite toy in two, or changed the T.V. channel suddenly.

In his debut publication, Peter Ricq introduces us to Ethan Alby, a ghost who lives among us “spooky living people” and who genuinely wants to be friends. Charming and tongue-in-cheek text is paired with pointillism art giving the book a film noir meets Tim Burton mood and aesthetic.

ISBN: 9781777791803

Peter Ricq