Around The World in 50 Slopes: The stories behind the world’s most amazing ski runs

Author: Patrick Thorne

ISBN: 9781472294357


Uncovering the incredible stories behind the world’s most iconic and unusual ski runs.

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The amazing history behind the best ski trails in the world.

Veteran ski journalist Patrick Thorne has unearthed the incredible stories behind 50 unique runs from the utterly unmissable to the totally unexpected. Discover the two different Alpine ski areas who claim to be Hannibal’s route through the mountains with his elephants; the debate around what is really the world’s steepest slope; how smugglers have used ski runs to escape custom patrol; and why hundreds of skiers dress as witches at Belalp in Switzerland every year.

Features skiing from across Europe, North America and South America, as well as fascinating global ski destinations including China, Iran and even North Korea. Along the way we’ll meet Franz Klammer, the greatest ski racer in history, as well as The Beatles, Count Dracula, St Patrick and James Bond. Complimented with practical information and trail maps, it is the perfect gift for the skier in your life.

ISBN: 9781472294357

Patrick Thorne

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