• "I’m reading all of P.D. James’s Adam Dalgliesh crime thrillers at the minute but this short spin-off novel about Cordelia Gray, a 22 year-old private detective, drawn into the apparent suicide of a 22 year-old Cambridge student is great fun – thrilling, darkly humourous & full of acute observations about human life, it’s well worth a read even if you can’t guess ‘whodunnit’..." Bob. ISBN 9780571355709
  • "A phenomenal collection, Angelou's poetry is a joy to read. If you want poetry that pulls no punches then check out 'Family Affairs' - a dark, honest look at the difference skin colour makes for women - or 'Caged Bird'. If you're looking for a self-esteem boost then 'Phenomenal Woman' and 'Still I Rise' are a must read. Essential poetry for any time." Rebekah ISBN 9780860687573
  • "An intelligent and moving memoir from the Dublin born Nuala O'Faolain. Frank and honest, this book is deeply affecting but is ultimately a positive reflection on one woman's determination to overcome adversity." Bob ISBN 9781848406858
  • Staff Pick: "If you could relive one conversation what would it be? In a secluded coffee shop in Tokyo that is exactly what you can do - as long as you follow the strict rules. Four stories intertwine to create a simple but elegant tapestry of the human heart. Whether you are in need of a fresh perspective, or just want a great read, this is not a book to miss." Rebekah
  • "Boo, a Pulitzer Prize Winner, takes you deep into a Mumbai slum. She does it with ease and focus, smuggling plenty of current Indian issues in the meantime. It's a fascinating read, sometimes hard to believe it's non-fiction. Watched 'Slumdog Millionaire'? Now read this." Marta ISBN 9781846274510
  • "I didn't think it was my kind of a book. A good bit of family drama, an annoying and spoiled teenager with too much time on her hands. I thought it was going to be a struggle. It wasn't. I was pleasantly surprised by the engaging tone of the novel and its universality. You'll be too." Marta ISBN 9780241951569
  • "I've just finished this for classics bookclub and adored it! Forget the film and soak up Capote's wonderful writing and a blonde Holly Golightly! "Never love a wild thing, Mr Bell..." is one of the most moving passages I ever read" Bob ISBN 9780241951453
  • "Deceptively simple in its execution, this quiet humble novel transports readers to a bygone era just after the Second World War. From the sheltered village life of 1950s Ireland to the exciting and vibrancy of a changing New York City, Eilis is torn by loyalty, duty and a sense of belonging. A sweet and subtle story." Ciara
  • "This is a gripping book, there's a good reason for the pages of rave reviews it has received! You'll really care about Agnes and the haunting images of Iceland will chill you to the bones." Sinead "Agnes Magnusdottir is to be hung for murder. Set in Iceland in the early 19th century this powerful and beautifully written novel was shortlisted for the Baileys prize. As we get to know Agnes better, and as the real story becomes known the tension builds towards a devastating climax." Bob ISBN 9781447233176
  • LONDON 1885 - A woman's body is discovered on Edgware Road. Ten miles away, her head is pulled from the dark muddy waters of the Thames. For two men, this event will push them to the very brink. DETECTIVE WILLIAM PINKERTON - `Thirty-nine years old, already famous and already lonely'. In an attempt to solve this case, he must descend into the seedy, gas-lit streets, opium dens, sewers and seance halls of Victorian London. ADAM FOOLE - A gentleman without a past, haunted by a love affair ten years gone. What he learns from his lover's fate will force him to confront a past, and a grief, he thought long buried. *SHORTLISTED FOR THE CWA ENDEAVOUR HISTORICAL DAGGER AWARD 2017* ISBN 9781786071026
  • "For some reason I thought Steinbeck would be grim and gritty and so I avoided his work, until a friend put a copy of Cannery Row into my hand. Yes there is grit, but there is life and laughter and great spirit too. A short gem!" Ann ISBN 9780141185088
  • "What can I say? You have to read this! An incredibly clever yet amazingly readable novel by one of our best living novelists, David Mitchell's 'Cloud Atlas' is one of those books that you'll rave about to friends for weeks/months/years!" Bob ISBN 9780340822784
  • "At first impression, Flora Poste should be gagged and bound and tied to a chair!! She's a menace, and life at Cold Comfort Farm will never be the same. She always knows best!!" Ann ISBN 9780241418895
  • "This quirky Japanese novel is about a woman named Keiko who has been working in the same small convenience store for the last 18 years - much to her friends and family's dismay. But what does it take to be a 'productive member of society' and what happens if we reject those expectations that are forced upon us? Equally darkly funny and weirdly disturbing, this is a short book that packs a great punch!" Bob ISBN 9781846276842
  • "I thought this was going to be a cosy tale, and yes, it has it's endearing and whimsical moments, but it is so much more, and for once, our much-maligned urban dwelling feathered friends have someone championing their cause!!" Ann ISBN 9781783784486
  • "Wow!! No, seriously, this is a veritable powerhouse of raw emotions of the most visceral kind. I had read 'the Brothers Karamazov' and thought, ok, this guy tells a good tale, but this is something else." Ann ISBN 9780099981909
  • Staff Pick: "A selection of excellent short stories which give a window into contemporary Northern Irish life. Erskine captures tragedy and humour in a way that is simultaneously straightforward and complex." Sarah U.
  • "If you love a story with a twist, these dark tales from Shirley Jackson will delight and intrigue you. From the woman who gets off her bus at the wrong stop, to the man who is convinced he's being followed home, each of these brilliant tales is a study in how to write the perfect short story and the unexpected endings are guaranteed to surprise and disconcert you. Shirley Jackson is a master at writing our darkest fears!" Bob ISBN 9780241308493


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