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  • "Mathematics might be your friend or enemy, but Alex Bellos' book will not fail to give you a new appreciation, insight an understanding for the world of numbers." Carrie ISBN 9781526623997
  • "Sometimes, what we really need is a spooky mix of Daphne Du Maurier and Donna Tartt with a touch of Margaret Attwood and ‘Madam’ ticks all the boxes! A young inspirational Classics teacher, a strange isolated boarding school in Scotland, and a dark secret that has to be uncovered… A twisted romp of a novel with a cataclysmic conclusion." Bob. ISBN 9781529408737
  • It begins with a message: a telephone call informing Krishan that his grandmother's former care-giver, Rani, has died in unexpected circumstances, at the bottom of a well in her village in the north, her neck broken by the fall. The news arrives on the heels of an email from Anjum, an activist he fell in love with four years earlier while living in Delhi, bringing with it the stirring of distant memories and desires. As Krishan makes the long journey by train from Colombo into the war-torn Northern Province for the funeral, so begins a passage into the soul of an island devastated by violence. Written with precision and grace, A Passage North is a poignant memorial for the missing and the dead, and a luminous meditation on time, consciousness, and the lasting imprint of the connections we make with others. ISBN 9781783786947
  • In the dying days of the American Civil War, newly freed brothers Landry and Prentiss find themselves cast into the world without a penny to their names. Forced to hide out in the woods near their former Georgia plantation, they're soon discovered by the land's owner, George Walker, a man still reeling from the loss of his son in the war. When the brothers begin to live and work on George's farm, the tentative bonds of trust and union begin to blossom between the strangers. But this sanctuary survives on a knife's edge, and it isn't long before the inhabitants of the nearby town of Old Ox react with fury at the alliances being formed only a few miles away. Conjuring a world fraught by tragedy and violence yet threaded through with hope, THE SWEETNESS OF WATER is a debut novel unique in its power to move and enthral. ISBN 9781472274380
  • "This odd yet beautiful small book contains the stories of fifty strange islands from across the globe. Each story makes you consider the world that we live in, and what a diverse and amazing place it really is. It’s a bit pricey (sorry!) but beautifully produced and bound. A wonderful quirky discovery." Bob ISBN 9781846143496
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