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  • "I've just finished this for classics bookclub and adored it! Forget the film and soak up Capote's wonderful writing and a blonde Holly Golightly! "Never love a wild thing, Mr Bell..." is one of the most moving passages I ever read" Bob ISBN 9780241951453
  • "Deceptively simple in its execution, this quiet humble novel transports readers to a bygone era just after the Second World War. From the sheltered village life of 1950s Ireland to the exciting and vibrancy of a changing New York City, Eilis is torn by loyalty, duty and a sense of belonging. A sweet and subtle story." Ciara
  • "If your brain could use a tune-up, then this will do the trick. It doesn't give you carte blanche to strut like a peacock in the true Holmes style though... well, maybe a little..." Ann ISBN 9780857867278
  • "This is a brilliantly enjoyable story told through various forms of correspondence - from emails and letters to invoices and report cards - all linked together by Bernadette's daughter. It is sharp, it is satirical, it is funny - what else would we expect from a writer on Arrested Development an SNL?" Carrie "It's hard to find a good funny book but this one made me laugh out loud several times! Bernadette's mother to Bee, wife to Microsoft wunderkind Elge, and an unfulfilled architect who refuses to conform to Seattle's expectations. Semple previously worked as a sitcom screenwriter and she cranks up comedy to the max in this fun read!" Bob ISBN 9781780221243
  • "This strange and spooky story from the brilliant David Mitchell began life online as a series of tweets. Now expanded into a full book it's the story of the mysterious Slade House and the soul-sucking twins who inhabit it!" Bob ISBN 9781473616707
  • "Harry Cane leaves Edwardian England for a new start in 'Winter', a township in Canada. Facing hardship in an isolated landscape, Harry also has to learn to work his land and to come to terms with his own true self. Moving and beautifully written, I loved this novel!" Bob ISBN 9781472205315
  • "When widow Addie Moore asks her neighbour Louis to spend the night with her to ward off the lonely early morning hours. A deep and loving friendship blossoms much to the dismay of the town and their children. Beautiful and moving, this is a wonderful novel." Bob ISBN 9781447299370
  • "A heart-wrenching story about two sisters fighting their way through life or rather with it. Partially autobiographical, it deals with bearing the pain of existing while at the same time reflecting on the limits of love. Surprisingly funny, too. A gem, don't miss it!" Marta ISBN 9780571340996
  • "'A vain, outlandish, anti-immigrant, fear-mongering demagogue runs for President of the United States - and wins'... Need I say more?! Written in 1935, Lewis asks if what would happen if Fascism gained a foothold in the U.S. As facts become fiction, can fiction become fact?" Bob ISBN 9780241310663
  • "Very different from the Kubrick film but equally scary. With the sequel due in October 2013, now is the time to read this iconic novel from the master of suspense!" Bob ISBN 9781444720723
  • "Musicophilia is a compassionate and inquisitive study about the pathologies of musical response and what they might teach us about a 'normal' faculty of music. This clinical, anecdotal and psychological approach is written with clarity to make it utterly readable and emotive." Carrie ISBN 9780330523592
  • "When an engineer is sent to clear a Parisian graveyard in 1785 in order to 'cleanse' the city he doesn't count on how deeply rooted it's history is with local residents. A stunningly good novel that completely absorbs you!" Bob ISBN 9781444724288
  • "Such a sweet and awkwardly honest first love story. Brilliantly chosen characters that are not your stereotypically styled 'Romeo and Juliet'. Flawed and honest, full of teenage angst." Ciara "Home to one of my all-time favourite quotes - 'Eleanor was right: She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.' This book makes you feel a lot of things. A gorgeous read." Rebekah Great for Teens and Young Adults ISBN 9781409157250
  • "This book is a real joy to read. The mixed group of characters living on house boats on the Thames might be a disparate community but the characters are beautifully human and are 'eccentric' in the best way possible." Carrie ISBN 9780007320967
  • "I read this thinking it would be a business book about generating lots of customers but it's much more interesting than that! It's about why people behave the way they do and how small actions can give big results!" Bob ISBN 9780349113463
  • "Jhumpa Lahiri had been recommended to me by several people over the last couple of years, and now I've finally got around to reading her I know why - she's a great writer! She examines what it is like to be of Indian descent in modern America but it's her wonderful writing that really draws you in." Bob ISBN 9780747596592
  • "I didn't think it was my kind of a book. A good bit of family drama, an annoying and spoiled teenager with too much time on her hands. I thought it was going to be a struggle. It wasn't. I was pleasantly surprised by the engaging tone of the novel and its universality. You'll be too." Marta ISBN 9780241951569
  • "Recommended to me by a customer! (It works both ways you know!) This wonderful novel is the story of a modernist house built by a Jewish businessman and his wife in Czechoslovakia in 1930. But they are forced to flee when Germany invades during World War II. Will Liesel ever see her beloved home again? Wonderful." Bob ISBN 9780349121321


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