‘Tis the season for… New Reading! We’ve chosen our favourite new books for kids & teens to enjoy this Spring so browse our personal selection and discover a fab new read… If you’re looking for a specific age-range just click the relevant category (Young Kids, Older Kids, Teens etc) under each book & sort by Date to see all the new releases! And remember, postage is free in ROI on orders over €30. Just choose the FREE SHIPPING option at checkout.

  • July, 1936. As the Queen Mary sets sail across the Atlantic, Alice can't wait for the summer of adventure that lies ahead. She's excited to explore the huge ship, with its shops, animals and even celebrities on board. But while Alice's sailor father focuses on winning a prestigious race, she witnesses a shocking attack. Alice and her new friend Sonny start to uncover a dark sabotage plot, and as they investigate gold bars, anonymous notes and lost silk gloves, secrets in their own lives come to the surface. When fog threatens the boat's journey, and dangerous enemies show themselves, Alice and Sonny are in their own race to solve all the mysteries unfolding. But what they discover might change both their lives forever... "An exquisitely plotted nautical adventure, packed with mystery and derring-do." Judith Eagle Great for Ages 9-12.
  • Covering historic and current figures from the worlds of the arts, sport, business, politics and social activism, Black and Irish will also find space to celebrate everyday heroes-lesser known figures making a difference in Irish communities today. Great for Ages 10-15.
  • Gorgeously illustrated and with a classic feel, this is a brilliantly funny story of a rabbit and a bear ... and how friends can accept that the world isn't always perfect. Ideal for readers moving on from picture books. Rabbit is fed up. Spring has finally arrived, but it's not as perfect as he hoped it would be. Bear thinks that if they work hard, they can improve things, a bit. But Rabbit has a MUCH better plan. He sets off across the lake in search of a Perfect World ... Meet Rabbit and Bear in the classic series that has taken the world by storm: this is a story of hope, friendship, a very long journey with no breakfast, and an entire island made of ... of ... wait ... is that chocolate? It looks like chocolate ... 'Rabbit's Bad Habits is a breath of fresh air in children's fiction, a laugh-out-loud story of rabbit and wolf and bear, of avalanches and snowmen. The sort of story that makes you want to send your children to bed early, so you can read it to them.' Neil Gaiman Great for Ages 6-9. Published 14th March 2024 - Order Now.
  • The brilliantly fun and fantastic Football Superstars series launches the ultimate activity book, packed with tons of on-the-page quizzes, puzzles and challenges relating to the major football stars past and present as well as the greatest tournaments. Test your brainpower, wit and creative skills with original challenges designed and illustrated by series creators Dan Green and Simon Mugford. What's more, Football Superstars: Football Activities Rule features page after page of hilarious pictures, with loads of jokes, anecdotes and funthroughout. Sections and chapters make the book easy to navigate and a delight to dip in and out of at the reader's leisure. Great for Ages 7-12.
  • Robin, magpie, swan, eagle, swallow, owl. Introduces the youngest readers to the feathered friends they can see flying all around Ireland!With simple text and pictures, this bright and colourful board book is perfect for children learning how to understand the world around them. Great for Ages 0-4.
  • The latest picture book in the bestselling The Colour Monster series, from talented author-illustrator Anna Llenas, that encourages conversations about consent, mental health and wellbeing. One day, Nuna was in situation where she didn't know how to say no and it left her feeling strange and confused. So she goes to see Colour Monster who is now a doctor and who can help to heal emotions, especially those that are big and difficult to understand. To begin with, Nuna cannot find the right words. But with the help of Colour Monster and his emotions toolkit, Nuna learns how to use tools and techniques that will make her feel better. Together they try things like deep breathing, arts and crafts, blowing bubbles and dancing until she starts to feel calmer. Now will Nuna be able to talk about what's bothering her? This story addresses complex themes around consent, saying no and mental wellbeing in a sensitive, age-appropriate way. Through Anna's experience as an art therapist, she has interwoven techniques that can make these conversations easier. Including big, fold-out pages, children can look inside the emotions toolkit, making use of the ideas for themselves (with the support of a grown-up when needed). Great for Ages 3-7.
  • In this new title Animal Art: 101 creative activities to inspire and guide you, readers will gain expert instruction that still leaves plenty of room for experimentation and fun. Featuring 101 art activities that encourage engagement with the natural world, Lorna shows you that creating art with animals as subjects can be super enjoyable and need not be intimidating. Her insightful prompts will see readers sketching with joy in this accessible and helpful guide to creating everything from sketches of beloved pets to paintings of wild animals and fantastical creatures! Full of tips to help spark creative ideas, Animal Art shows readers how everyone (not just artists) can enjoy the playful pleasure of drawing all manner of beasts and critters, no matter their skill level. Great for Ages 8+.
  • A charming and playful picture book told with humour and heart from the brilliant team behind Ten Delicious Teachers. The penguin pack play all day long. And when the sun goes down, and the night grows cold and dark..."PENGUIN HUDDLE!" The penguins squeeze and squish together to stay warm and cosy. But one night, there is a freezing gale. And the next morning ... the penguins are stuck! They are frozen together like a giant penguin ice pop. What a penguin MUDDLE! Nobody in the Antarctic can figure out how to unstick them. But Pipsqueak, the smallest penguin of them all, has a brilliant idea... They must adventure out of their snowy home to a vibrant city across the great, gleaming ocean to solve their penguin puzzle. This light-hearted tale of jolly penguins big and small is a celebration of friendship, community spirit and helping those in trouble. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • CHOCKS AWAY! Take off on a marvellous journey of discovery as you explore 80 incredible world-changing inventions from around the globe! From the wheel to the space rocket, the bow and arrow to the atom bomb, chocolate to toothpaste, and the battery to the quantum computer, find out about innovations from the ancient world right up to the twenty-first century. Read the fascinating story about how each one was developed, with bite-sized labels and captions. Spot the adventurous aviator, complete with goggles and flailing scarf, on each page, as they guide you through the book. With bright, fun-filled illustrations by Robbie Cathro and 80 incredible entries, this invention compendium is sure to captivate STEM-mad readers for hours. Great for Ages 7-13.
  • The year was Something Something. Humans had spread like peanut butter across the galaxy, looking for new planets to call Somewhere. One of those planets was Somewhere Five One Three. When the humans arrive on Somewhere 513, they discover that the robots sent to prepare the planet for Humanity's arrival have chosen to keep it for themselves. Only one robot remains loyal - K1-NG, aka King of the Robots. But even with the most powerful robot on their side, the outlawed humans don't stand a chance. Ten years on, Gnat and her sister Paige are the only humans left and have spent their lives hidden underground. Now they must venture out in search of the one robot that stood by the humans. There's just one problem - the once mighty K1-NG has vowed never to help another human for as long as he lives... The first in a hugely original and entertaining new trilogy for middle grade readers from the award-winning author of STITCH HEAD. Great for Ages 8-11.
  • The new novel from the million-copy bestselling author of The Mirror Visitor Quartet, perfect for fans of Netflix series Wednesday. Welcome to the School of Here, an unsettling, stifling and peculiar place that is nonetheless familiar to us all. A place full of codes and unspoken rules that are passed down from year to year. In 'Here, and Only Here', Christelle Dabos, offers us a unique, dark and disturbing novel that shines a light on the angst of being a teenager and just how difficult school can be. Great for Teens and Young Adults.
  • This beautiful picture book from award-winning author and illustrator Britta Teckentrup takes us on a magical, moonlit adventure following a tiny star and invites us to dance with a whole host of animals. But is it all a dream? With peep-through pages and cutaways, the lyrical text and gorgeous illustrations will inspire children's imaginations. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • We spend our whole lives in one body and yet most of us have practically no idea how it works and what goes on inside it. Want to know why the skin is the biggest organ? Why our brains can see into the future? Or why your eyes are back to front? Packed full of facts, big numbers (such as the amount of microbes that make you) and small numbers (the size of those very tiny microbes) all in full-colour. This non-fiction book, packed with wonder from the globally bestselling Bill Bryson is a head-to-toe tour of the most amazing thing about you - YOUR BODY! Great for Ages 7-12.
  • From All-Ireland champions to Olympic gold medallists, Grand Slam greats to golfing Major champions, join us on a tour of Irish sporting history told as never before. Which Irish soccer player has scored the most goals? Who is the most decorated Irish boxer of their generation? And who were the youngest Irish sports stars to achieve their dreams? Meet the people who put Ireland on the sporting map, brought together for the first time in charming and beautiful illustrations by Graham Corcoran. For one small island, Ireland has produced a history of sporting achievement to rival even the biggest nations. The Big Book of Irish Sporting Heroes introduces readers young and old to the men and women who achieved spectacular feats across football, GAA, horse racing, gymnastics, rugby, the Olympic games and many many more. Great for Ages 7-12.
  • Experience Skulduggery Pleasant as never before - in this fully original graphic novel brought vibrantly to life in full colour. A small town in the middle of Ireland, a string of unexplained deaths and a monster on the loose. Better call in the experts. When Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain drive into Termoncara, they discover a town with a dark past and a people haunted by their own secrets. There is a creature stalking the streets - a creature who delights in cruelty, who feeds off the little hatreds, who grows stronger with every drop of blood spilled. Horror and mystery collide in an original graphic novel by Derek Landy, P. J. Holden, Matt Soffe, Rob Jones and Pye Parr.
  • When his best friend Tom is abducted, Alex Rider is given an ultimatum by Nightshade - a sinister cult of assassins with a score to settle. But what twisted evil are they planning, and how is it connected to a revolutionary new gaming system?With no idea who to trust, Alex finds himself dragged into a nightmare world - where nothing is real but the game could kill you. The clock is ticking and Nightshade is closing in... The world's bestselling teenage spy takes on a new and daring mission. This much-awaited new book in the bestselling Alex Rider series continues Alex's fight against the deadly assassins encountered in the last book, Nightshade. Alex still has unfinished business with this sinister group made up of brainwashed children, not least trying to reunite MI6 chief Mrs Jones, along with her long lost son and daughter. The adventure takes us deep into the life-changing world of augmented reality, where even Alex will struggle to succeed against the technology. Great for Ages 9-12.
  • The final action-packed FIREBORN adventure. THE FINAL BATTLE IGNITES - The Master stepped closer and the pressure around Phoenix grew vice-like. Despair raged through her. How had she thought she could save everyone, when she couldn't even save herself? Following the shocking battle at Icegaard, Phoenix and her friends gather with the Hunters, desperate to unite the warring clans before their enemy, the Master, attacks Ember. The Cavern of Light may offer hope in the form of a legendary weapon, but it lies deep in goblin territory, in the terrifying dark zone of the underground caves. The friends must brave the unknown, facing new and deadly creatures in search of a way to save their world.As an epic final showdown draws near, Phoenix struggles to protect her friends, determined not to lose anyone else she loves. But the Master is crueller and more powerful than she ever imagined and as Phoenix's past and present collide, unthinkable sacrifices will have to be made to defeat him. 'The best kind of children's fantasy story: thrilling and imaginative' B. B. Alston 'The perfect balance of high adventure, breathless action and eerie wonder' Jonathan Stroud Great for Ages 9-12. Published 28th March 2024 - Order Now.
  • A boy who doesn't believe in magic. An impossible world that will change his mind. Eleven-year-old Benjamiah Creek believes in science, logic and the power of reason. He definitely does not believe in magic. But when he receives a mysterious gift in the post - a doll that can transform into a bird - he is led into the impossible (and most definitely magical) world of Wreathenwold, where dark secrets are lost amongst a vast labyrinth of streets. Benjamiah soon finds himself swept along in a dangerous quest - led by the fierce and brilliant Elizabella, who is determined to solve the disappearance of her missing brother. Will Benjamiah ever find his way home and discover his puzzling connection with this strange, enchanted world? Great for Ages 9-12. Published 28th March 2024 - Order Now. Published 28th March 2024 - Order Now.


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