• Bestselling Irish author and illustrator Chris Judge is back with a great new graphic novel for ages 7+. Ideal for fun-loving fans of Dogman, Bunny vs Monkey and InvestiGators! Twins Flo and Eddie are staying with their grandad while their mum travels for work. Nosing around in Grandad’s attic, they find a villainous-looking duck frozen inside a special, temperature-controlled chamber. Eddie accidentally presses the DEFROST button – and releases super-villain Evil Duck!It turns out that Grandad, AKA Fearless Frank, is a retired superhero duck who captured his nemesis Evil Duck many moons ago, saving society from his sinister schemes. But now Evil Duck has escaped, and Grandad is too old to recapture him alone, Eddie and Flo are going to have to help him track the super-villain down – before he gets back to his evil ways! Great for Ages 7-11. Published 15th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • Isadora Moon is half fairy, half vampire and totally unique. This summer you can take Isadora on holiday!This fantastic activity book is packed with colouring-in, drawing, puzzles and all sorts of Isadorable fun and games. Bursting with 50 activities, this seasonal activity book is perfect for keeping fans of the multimillion copy bestselling Isadora Moon series busy over the summer break. Great for Ages 6-9. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • An adventure to treasure from two multi award-winning creators, discover a classic story of family, friendship and believing in your own magic. When Summer and her foster family are having lunch one day, a hole appears in the middle of the living room. That hole leads to a dragon and the promise of three wishes, granted by a very unusual witch. Summer wishes for popularity and plenty of money, and things are looking up... until she realizes that the hole in the floor is getting bigger and the witch is getting more sinister. As things begin to unravel, will Summer get her dearest most secret wish? Nick Lake's classic story of dragons, witches and wish-fulfilment is beautifully illustrated by Emily Gravett Great for Ages 9-12. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • Senan uses his binoculars to spy out the Shy Town, a sweet little place on a hill, with winding streets and red and yellow roofs. Senan calls it the Shy Town because it often hides and is hard to find. He tells his next-door friend Joshua about the Shy Town, and they set off, with Senan’s grandmother in a ramshackle wheelchair, to find this elusive place. Along the way they make friends with Paperboy. Who is, as you’d expect, a boy made of paper. With the help of a kruckle (a sort of Shy Town creature) that they meet on their journey, they find the Shy Town, only its real name is Perfection, because it is absolutely perfect. But all is not well in Perfection: the inhabitants are constantly worrying about making it more and more perfect. But since more perfect than perfect is an impossibility, they are constantly exhausted. What can Senan and friends do to save the kruckles from their obsession with perfection Great for Ages 9-12. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • Buried treasure. Hidden secrets. One golden chance. Legend says the cliffs by the seaside town of Edge are riddled with smugglers' tunnels, and that gold is stashed in their caves. Freya and her best friend, Lin, love searching for treasure on the beach, but they steer clear of the dark and twisting tunnels. It'd be easy to get lost in there, and Freya's sure she can hear voices echoing from them when the wind blows. Then a mysterious woman moves into Freya's granny's B&B and soon everything that Freya loves about Edge is under threat. It's time for Freya to face her fears. Can she strike gold before time runs out for her town?A gripping, contemporary adventure with brilliant twists and turns, from the author of Looking for Emily. Great for Ages 9-12. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • Twin geniuses Jacob and Kira are recruited to take part in a high-tech mission to protect the planet ... but will their dreams of adventure come true, or is the threat too great to handle? Jacob and Kira live in the heart of Mbale, Uganda with their conservationist mother and navigate life as unsuspecting geniuses; Kira with hopes to explore outside the hot terrains of Uganda, and conspiracy theorist Jacob, whose fear often holds him back from the answers he so desperately wants to uncover. But when they discover that someone has been watching their every move in the hopes to enlist them in a top-secret agency called Transcendent, their lives are turned upside down. Soon the twins are hurtled from the luscious landscapes of Mbale, to the sleek streets of London, where - alongside other selected protegees - they must undertake three rigorous trials, each more difficult than the last, to be accepted into Transcendent. If they are successful, they will be launched into space to complete a high-stakes mission to fight the greatest threat the world has ever seen. Only, the twins soon realise they have more to contend with than they bargained for ... is there a more sinister reason they have been chosen?Two kids, one top-secret agency and an epic mission to save the world. 'A fun, action-packed thriller with a brother-sister duo that I really loved.' - David Owen, author of the Alex Neptune series Great for Ages 9-12. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • Get your skates on for the sweetest feel-good, body-positive rom com of the summer. For sixteen-year-old Ruby, GCSEs are over and summer has just begun, so that means hanging out with her BFFs in the park on their roller skates and having fun. She didn't expect it to mean signing up to run in the Dawson Dash - a 5k race for sporty sixth-formers. Because Ruby is NOT sporty. But she really needs to prove wrong her mean brother and even meaner PE teacher about what a fat girl can do. When Ruby starts to train, she doesn't expect that she would need help - nor that she would find it in the cute boy who has just moved in next door. As the two jog through the long summer evenings in south London's parks together, with Ollie only seeing her at her sweatiest and most vulnerable, the last thing she expected was that he might... like her. Or that she could allow herself to like him. But nothing this summer is working out like she expected... Great for Teens and Young Adults.
  • A tear-jerking, heart-breakingly beautiful novel from the award-winning Jenny Valentine, perfect for fans of Adam Silvera, Kathleen Glasgow and Laura Nowlin. There is one side of that moment, and the other Before After I have dreamed about it ever since At the start of a long, hot summer best friends Elk and Mab face the fallout of a sudden death, and the lifelong consequences of a single tragic act. An intensely emotional story that raises questions about love, ghosts, and the unshakeable bonds of friendship. Great for Teens and Young Adults.
  • The ULTIMATE story collection for Skulduggery Pleasant fans, now updated to include Apocalypse Kings AND six more new stories for this edition – 22 stories in all! ENTER A WORLD OF MAGIC AND MYSTERY Enter a world where Apocalypse Kings and ancient monsters stalk beside the killers, the misfits, the oddballs and the weirdos. Enter the world of Skulduggery Pleasant. This definitive story collection has been updated with seven new twisted tales of darkness and light, of heroes and villains and everything in-between. It will drag you, screaming, further than you have ever dared venture. YOU ARE NOT READY! Great for Ages 9-12. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • The brand-new feel-good, hilarious and gorgeously swoony enemies-to-lovers romance from two bestselling, award-winning stars of YA: Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé and Adiba JaigirdarLet's get one thing straight: this is a love story. Said Hossain hates Tiwa Olatunji. And Tiwa would happily never see Said again in her life. Growing up, the two were inseparable, but they have barely spoken since the incident many Eids ago and both of them would like to keep it that way. But when Said comes home for a funeral and the town's Islamic Centre burns down on the same day, they have to face each other again and sparks fly. Both of them want to see the Islamic Centre rebuilt. For Tiwa, it represents the community that she loves and a way to keep her fractured family together. For Said, it's an opportunity to build his portfolio for his secret application to art school, where he hopes that he'll be able to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist, rather than a doctor. Working with your sworn enemy is never easy, and this could be the hardest thing that Said and Tiwa have ever done. But in trying to save the Islamic Centre and Eid, could these enemies become something else...? "Bursting with joy, humour and so much love ." Bea Fitzgerald, Sunday Times bestselling author of GIRL, GODDESS, QUEEN Great for Young Adults. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • Get super brainy with zero effort thanks to Waldo Pancake - who wrote and illustrated all the mega keel Barry Loser books. Why is misspelling stuff a sign of grate intelly-genz? What have the hours in the day got to do with FINGER BONES? Why does rain on a pavement smell so delish? Zany and laugh out loud bonkers, this graphic novel of large and small facts, is The Best, and that's official! You'll want to quote from it, repeat the gags, and reread it again and again. Plus Waldo Pancake shows you how to draw stuff, as well as learning you to be the biggest genius ever . Great for Ages 7-10. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • Dark romance, high stakes and plot twists abound in Sloan Harlow’s debut YA thriller, perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover. The dead keep the best secrets... It’s been months since Ella’s best-friend, Hayley, died and everywhere she looks she sees reminders of her – including Sawyer, Hayley’s boyfriend. Soon, the two grow closer, finding comfort in each other. Racked with guilt, Ella turns to Hayley’s journal, but what she finds leaves her terrified. The Sawyer in these pages is nothing like the kind and thoughtful boy she knows. Torn, Ella finds herself having to make a choice. Yet making the wrong one could have fatal consequences... Great for Ages 15+. Published 30th May 2024 - Order Now.
  • This one young flamingo, Adele was her name, Knew under HER wings something wasn’t the same. Whilst quite unremarkably pink from outside, Inside were some colours she struggled to hide! Adele wants nothing more than to be just like all the other flamingos. But hiding who she really is feels horribly tough. Can Adele find the courage to celebrate her true colours? Perfect for fans of Perfectly Norman, this thought-provoking and touching story empowers children to embrace their uniqueness and have the courage to stand out. ‘A riotous, dazzling, joy-filled book, brimming with hope and warmth’ Ian Eagleton ‘An explosion of colour, humour and joy. I loved it and can’t wait for my kids to read it!’ Abi Elphinstone ‘A delightfully colourful and joyous book with the celebration of diversity at its heart’ Patricia Cleveland-Peck Great for Ages 1-6. Published 23rd May 2024 - Order Now.
  • The epic conclusion to the dark, twisting thriller trilogy about a teen assassin’s attempt to live a normal life. Isabel Ryans has fled Espera, leaving behind her identity as teen assassin the Moth. Now she’s trying to adjust to the reality of the outside world. But her grief and trauma are catching up with her, and surrounded by civilians who will never understand what life is like in the walled city, she feels more alone than ever. When a journalist is murdered nearby, suspicion automatically falls on Isabel. And inside Espera’s walls, the abolitionist movement is gaining strength. When Isabel’s search for the killer leads to an unexpected reunion, she’s forced to decide whether she can really leave the city behind, and what part the Moth might have to play in the uprising. Is Isabel Ryans the city’s saviour... or its scapegoat? From award-winning author Finn Longman, an exhilarating voice in YA fiction, comes an addictive trilogy for fans of global phenomena The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Killing Eve and The Hunger Games. Great for Teens and Young Adults. Published 23rd May 2024 - Order Now.
  • The ultimate guide to digital wellbeing and living your best life – offline and on! Digital wellbeing is all about finding the balance between the digital world and the real world – and making sure we use smartphones and other digital devices in a healthy way, while living fulfilling lives beyond the screen. This guide helps tweens and teens do exactly that, inspiring them to set their devices aside (sometimes anyway!) and start living in the here and now. Written by digital wellbeing expert Tanya Goodin, it’s packed with positive prompts, thought-provoking science, and hands-on activities to encourage healthy habits around screen use – including nostalgic crafts, retro tech scavenger hunts, and phone-free nature excursions, plus practical tips on how to deal with digital challenges like comparison culture, cyberbullying, trolling, and much more. This book is not about teenagers giving up their devices forever; it’s about being more mindful of how they use them, so they can live their best lives – on and off the screen. Teenagers will discover how to: Develop healthy habits, identify priorities, and set achievable goalsKnow their own screen limits and deal with digital distractionsStay safe and savvy on the internetFocus on the positive and productive uses of smartphones (no more doom-scrolling!)Combat comparison culture on social media and quieten their inner criticsNurture friendships and family relationships offline and onBuild resilience and self-confidence to live healthily and happily with their digital devices. Great for Teens and Young Adults. Published 23rd May 2024 - Order Now.
  • From award-winning bestseller Laura Purcell comes her YA debut, MOONSTONE. Don't misbehave. Beware the moon. And never go out after dark... Following a scandal at the Vauxhall pleasure gardens, Camille is sent to the woods to live with her reclusive godmother and her strange daughter, Lucy. Cast out from polite society, she must learn to live by her godmother's strict rules.Camille has never met anyone quite like Lucy before, and as they grow closer and cross forbidden boundaries, strange things begin to happen. Mysterious deaths, claw marks raking the doors, and the nights are pierced by the howls of a creature that sounds almost... otherworldly. Should Camille be more afraid of what's hiding in the woods - or her own heart? From the award-winning, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Silent Companions, Moonstone is a haunting gothic romance with real bite. Great for Teens and Young Adults. Published 23rd May 2024 - Order Now.
  • Love story and un-love story intertwine in the brand-new thriller-romance from the globally bestseller author of The One Memory of Flora Banks, Emily Barr. Venice, 2024: Hazel is on a spontaneous holiday with her stepbrother, Enzo, and best friend, Phoebe. They have just helped Hazel escape her increasingly destructive relationship with her older boyfriend, and have come away to celebrate her being her again. In the dreamy Italian sunshine, Hazel is managing to relax, to stop looking over her shoulder in case Freddie has followed her here. But there’s a girl she keeps seeing in the city. A girl with beautiful eyes. And whenever Hazel sees her and their eyes meet, something strange seems to happen - de ja vu, at first, and then even stranger things that make her wonder if she’s really in Venice at all... England, 2022: Hazel goes to see an up-and-coming local band with Enzo and some friends. She locks eyes with the lead singer, Freddie, during a song, and he finds her afterwards and slips her his number. She’s not even 16. He is ten years older. She knows it’s stupid. She didn’t even think it was boys she was into. Things with Freddie start wonderfully - flowers, dates, he even writes a song about her. It’s everything a girl could dream of. Until it’s absolutely not . Great for Teens and Young Adults.
  • Heard about the lizard that shoots blood from its eyes? Or the ancient Romans who used wee as mouthwash? Did you know that going on a roller-coaster can cure kidney stones? In this compendium of obscure facts readers will be treated to more examples of baffling knowledge. Broken into chapters including geography, space, and history, a team of experts has hunted down the silliest and most pointless facts that the world has to offer (SPOILER: the information in this book isn't really useless. It will inspire, shock, and amuse the reader -and maybe spark an interest that will last a lifetime. It just won't help you with any exams!) Great for Ages 8-12.


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