• Another hilarious tale of primary school life from the Blue Peter award-winning team. Nothing is as it seems for Izzy and friends, and the drama is always off the scale... Izzy and friends are excited to find that their school trip involves an overnight train ride. But when they get on board, they're shocked to discover that EVERYTHING is STRANGE. And the BUNK BEDS are TINY! And then their teacher disappears... OH NO! Miss Jones has been kidnapped! EVERYONE PANIC!!! Great for Ages 8-11. Published 18th July 2024 - Order Now.
  • Dads Are Incredible champions the diverse nature of dads and uplifts and celebrates ALL types of dads everywhere – the perfect present to mark the arrival of a new baby or to give to that very special dad on Father’s Day. Dads are SUPER. Dads are EXTRAORDINARY. They can be dashing and daring... and loving and caring. Some love to play darts. Some like making tarts! All dads are DIFFERENT, MAGIC... and INCREDIBLE! A funny and warm celebration of dads told through joyful rhyme by award-winning author Simon Philip (You Must Bring a Hat, I Really Want to Win), with captivating illustrations by Dawn Lo (Snow Song). Just like Wellington's Big Day Out by Steve Small, Amazing Daddy by Rachel Bright and Amazing Dad by Alison Brown, Dads Are Incredible is a humorous and tender exploration of the love between a father and child. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • Wherever you go,whatever you do,I want you knowI’m so proud of you. In this warm and heartfelt story from the bestselling creators of All Are Welcome, follow a group of families whose preschool children are finally heading to 'big school'. As all the kids prepare for their big graduation day, their parents look back on how their little ones have grown and promise them that they will always be loved. That they will always belong. That wherever they go and whoever they become, their families will always be proud of them. Perfect for fans of Oh, The Places You'll Go! and Guess How Much I Love You – Wherever You Go is a hopeful, soulful celebration of the highs and lows of growing up, and the power of a parent's unconditional love. A must-have for school and library shelves, and wonderful gift to share with young children as they prepare to take on the world. Great for Ages 3-6.
  • Travel to Greece and watch Cynisca, a Spartan princess, become the first ever woman to win at the ancient Olympic Games. Or touch the heavens with Junko Tabei as she carves her path through history and mountain ranges with little applause but a lot of bravery. In this book Kate Pankhurst, descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst, tells the fascinating stories of some of history's most talented female sports stars. From football superstars to trailblazing Olympians, women throughout history have fought for the right to take part, win or lose, in sports across the globe. Whether they were the Lionesses on the pitch who won the UEFA European Championship in 2022, or behind the scenes setting up rival games when the Olympics said NO to women, these women are all sporting heroes. Including diary entries, postcard messages, maps and more, Fantastically Great Women Sports Stars and Their Stories is a celebration of just some of the women whose tenacity and skill have made a mark on the world. A fantastic gift for girls and boys alike! List of women featured: Cynisca, Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dod, Alice Milliat, Junko Tabei, Derartu Tulu, Marta Vieira da Silva, Ellie Simmonds and Simone Biles. Great for Ages 7-12.
  • Little hands can lift the big flaps in this robust board book to find out what all the diggers are doing at the building site, on the farm, at the quarry and on the road. On every spread, there's also a pink cat to look for, lots of things to spot and talk about, and a few hidden surprises along the way. Great for Ages 0-4.
  • Packed with things to spot on every page, this picture book classic is beautiful, fun and a favourite with children of all ages. Everyone is busy in Busytown – from train drivers to doctors, from mothers to sailors, in police stations and on fire engines. Follow lots of busy people working through their busy days! Great for Ages 1-6.
  • A grisly murder. A detective warlock with a dangerous past. A girl out of her depth. Can they solve the case? Sage is an ordinary girl and a werewolf, moving between worlds, desperate to make sense of her life. When her supernatural friend, Lucy, is found murdered in the human domain, Sage is determined to be part of the investigation headed up by the attractive but arrogant warlock, Oren Rinallis. Sage is neither magical nor immortal, but she knows right from wrong – and can scent a killer like no other... The first in a stunning YA crime romantasy series – each title standalone – from an outstanding new YA talent Think slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, twisty crime, and a supernatural detective gang in a unique urban fantasy setting under the city of Manchester. Great for Teens and Young Adults.
  • When American teen Evan Bright came to live with her long-lost father - the actual king of England - she instantly became the most-hated member of the royal family. The vicious clickbait articles and backstabbing new relatives are tough enough, but now she's facing much scarier threats. First there are protesters outside the palace gates and creepy messages. But when an armed intruder accesses the grounds to attack Evan and her boyfriend Kit, she starts to believe that someone within the palace is plotting her downfall. They say what doesn't kill you will make you stronger...but what if it's the royal family who wants you dead? Great for Teens and Young Adults.
  • With a fill-in EURO 2024 results wallchart, The Football Encyclopedia brings you all the latest information, stats and facts from the world of football. Read about superstar players from Jude Bellingham and Aitana Bonmatí to Erling Haaland and Bukayo Saka. Follow your favourite teams in the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga and around the globe. And get the lowdown on the greatest tournaments and competitions, from the FA Cup and the Copa América to the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA EUROs. The book now features expanded material on women's football, one of the world's fastest-growing sports. It's packed with pictures and profiles of the world's most skilful players – old and new – from Harry Kane to Mohamed Salah, Kylian Mbappé to Kevin de Bruyne, and Sam Kerr to Lionel Messi. Over 50 of the best sides to have lit up the game are covered in detail, including the England men’s and women’s teams, Brazil, Manchester City, Liverpool and Real Madrid. Football fans will get the key information about the top tournaments and leagues around the world, including the English Premier League, the EUROs, and the UEFA Champions League. All the drama of the "beautiful game" is fully analysed with dynamic full-spread photos and artworks that recreate famous moves and goals, and there is in-depth coverage of every aspect of football, including rules and skills; fans and the media; coaches and tactics. Packed with the latest statistics and fully updated for this new edition, this is a superbly detailed reference book for all the family. Great for Ages 8-12.
  • Learn with Peppa wipe-clean and sticker activity books focus on key early learning topics such as letters, counting, shapes and numbers and also help children develop awareness of their own feelings and key relationships. Colours, Shapes and Patterns has plenty of bright stickers to help children complete the fun activities and develop their understanding of everyday maths. From 2D and 3D shapes to colour names and simple repeating patterns, children will learn to apply maths thinking to the world around them. Peppa and her friends take centre stage in this brand-new sticker activity bookFun, interactive drawing and sticker-placement activities support developing fine motor skillsEach Learn with Peppa activity book has been developed by educational experts and contains helpful hints and tips for using the book with your childAccess additional resources and guidance on the Learn with Peppa websiteLet Peppa support your little ones on their early learning adventure in Learn with Peppa. Great for Ages 2-6.
  • Learn with Peppa wipe-clean and sticker activity books focus on key early learning topics such as letters, counting, shapes and numbers and also help children develop awareness of their own feelings and key relationships. Pen Control helps children develop and practise the first pen control skills needed for early writing. The different lines, patterns and shapes to trace over in this book are developmentally ordered from easiest to hardest and introduce pre-writers to the key hand movements needed for letter formation - for both right and left-handed children. Draw over the dotted lines, then wipe clean and try again!Peppa and her friends take centre stage in this brand-new series of wipe-clean activity books with integrated penFun, interactive drawing and writing activities support children's first pen control skills and the pages can be wiped clean and used over and over again!Each Learn with Peppa wipe-clean activity book has been developed by educational experts and contains helpful hints and tips for using the book with your childAccess additional resources and guidance on the Learn with Peppa websiteLet Peppa support your little ones on their early learning adventure in Learn with Peppa. Great for Ages 2-6.
  • Kitty is a superhero-in-training with feline superpowers. She dreams of being just like her superhero mum one day, but she's still got a lot to learn. Join her for a series of enchanting adventures by the light of the moon. In Kitty and the Stolen Storybook, Kitty spots a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows near the library and her super senses alert her to trouble. That night, she returns to discover that there's been a break-in. The whole library is in a mess: displays have been ruined, books are scattered all over the floor, and Pixie the cat's favourite storybook has disappeared. There's something very strange going on, and it's up to Kitty to find out who's responsible. Will a set of muddy pawprints lead to the culprit...? Great for Ages 6-9.
  • Gus the Goat loves guessing. And he loves rhyming. So, when he meets Mavis Mole, he can’t help himself trying to guess where she lives. Is it in a hole? In a bowl!? In a Sausage ROLL!! No, not quite... This super-silly and totally HOLE-ARIOUS story will have kids laughing out loud and joining in with Gus Goat’s outlandish guessing game. Perfect for inspiring a love of language in little ones. Fans of The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers, the Supertato series by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra, and anything Dr Seuss, will adore Holey Moley. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • Jackson LOVES football. He plays it. He watches it. He eats it. He sleeps it! Jackson lives and breathes football – he knows all the players, the fixtures, the scores. Then, one grey stormy day, Jackson kicks his ball, and it goes up ... and up ... and UP! All the way to the moon! Overnight, Jackson becomes an international footballing sensation, and before you know it, he's kicked ALL of the Earth's footballs into space. The moon-folk – the aliens! – don't know the rules of the game, but they become football mad all the same. It's up to Jackson to bring football home... Great for Ages 1-6.
  • There was a green pea who swallowed a sprout. Without a doubt, a Brussels sprout. What's that about? This little pea is SO hungry! So hungry that he has swallowed a sprout, slurped down some soup, munched all the bread, wolfed down the pie, gobbled the cake, noshed all the pickle, guzzled the cheese (that made him sneeze), drank all the tea, and then, chomped up the table! And after ALL that, he needs to have a rest. But just WHOSE food was he eating? And WHOSE bed is he resting in? Cue ... one very grumpy, very hungry princess ... with a taste for revenge. A highly imaginative modern retelling of fairy-tale classic The Princess and the Pea, and the much-loved nursery rhyme There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • When Bear meets Dragon on an old, rickety bridge, they don't see eye to eye. Bear thinks Dragon should stand aside and let him pass... and Dragon thinks Bear should definitely let her go first. Fur is ruffled and sparks fly in their heated conversation, but who is going to back down? Meanwhile the bridge is getting creakier and creakier... Great for Ages 1-6.
  • Celebrate Julia Donaldson's much loved bedtime story, One Ted Falls Out of Bed turning 20 with this gorgeous anniversary edition, with a foil cover and a never before seen letter from the author. Count up to ten and back down again in this perfect bedtime read-aloud. Poor Ted has fallen out of bed, only for three mischievous mice to whisk him off on a breathtaking adventure. They zoom around in fast cars, have tea with kind dolls, go on a balloon ride and climb a building-block mountain. It's all very exciting, but will Ted ever get back to his bed? One Ted Falls Out of Bed's counting theme is woven perfectly into a magical, rhythmic text by former Children's Laureate, Julia Donaldson, and features gorgeous illustrations from Anna Currey. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • On a frozen sea, where the snow falls fast, and the whirlwinds rage and storm, A rockhopper egg, in a stony nest, was lying safe and warm. Dad watched and waited, waited, watched, the night grew inky black, Then he fell into a sleep so deep, he didn't hear the...CRACK Daddy Penguin finds himself adrift in an unfamiliar world, and he must get home for his egg!From train to helicopter, hot-air balloon to limousine, Daddy Penguin hitches lifts with kindly folk - but will he be home in time? A race against time for Daddy Penguin in this rhyming delight.


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