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  • Explore the universe, from the inside of an atom to black holes, then discover the explosive science behind a fireworks display. This fully updated third edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia will continue to fascinate young readers with its microscopic detail and amazing facts on a huge range of topics. Children aged 9+ will find themselves totally absorbed in complex subjects, made clear through engaging explanations, intricate illustrations, vivid photographs, and striking 3D images. From Viking raiders and Samurai warriors to robotics and chemical reactions, amazing animals, the human body, the marvels of history, and more are visualised in incredible detail, inside and out, providing a mind-blowing introduction to every aspect of human knowledge. This all-encompassing encyclopedia for kids offers: - A whole collection of facts, charts, timelines, and illustrations that cover a vast range of topics. - Complex subjects that are explained using amazingly detailed CGIs that entice young readers to dive in and explore. - A fully updated edition, including all the latest developments in science, technology, space and geography. - A visual approach using illustrations, photographs and extremely detailed 3D CGI images. Children can explore the world as they've never seen it before, looking at what makes the human brain so special and finding out how the body's cells make energy. Journey through history in this visual encyclopedia, from the earliest life forms right up to our world today. Great for Ages 9-13. Published 5th October 2023 - Order Now.
  • Build in some time for festive fun with the whole family! With more than 50 all-new Christmas themed games and activities, there is something to keep everyone entertained during the whole festive season. Grab this book and your LEGO (R) bricks and get ready for a jolly time at ho-ho-home with your friends and family! Comes with 60 bricks to help you play the games in the book. (c)2023 The LEGO Group. Great for Ages 7-12. Published 5th October 2023 - Order Now.
  • We spend our whole lives in one body and yet most of us have practically no idea how it works and what goes on inside it. Want to know why the skin is the biggest organ? Why our brains can see into the future? Or why your eyes are back to front? Packed full of facts, big numbers (such as the amount of microbes that make you) and small numbers (the size of those very tiny microbes) all in full-colour. This non-fiction book, packed with wonder from the globally bestselling Bill Bryson is a head-to-toe tour of the most amazing thing about you - YOUR BODY! Great for Ages 7-12.
  • Enola Holmes - sister of the world's most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes - always has an eye for mystery-solving. Still on the run from her brothers, Enola continues her investigative work in the busy streets of London, disguised under a new alias, and is now searching for the missing Lady Blanchefleur del Campo. She soon finds out that Sherlock is searching for Enola herself, but not to return her home this time. He has a message from their long-lost mother, a message only Enola can decipher. Armed with clues about her mother's whereabouts, Enola walks a path of self-discovery and reconciliation. Will Enola finally be reunited with her mother? And can she solve the mystery of what has happened to Lady Blanchefleur del Campo before it's too late? Great for Ages 9-12.
  • While on the run from her brother Sherlock, the world's most famous detective, Enola Holmes has been hiding in plain sight, lodging with Mrs Tupper. Mrs Tupper may be half-deaf and a terrible cook, but she is the closest thing Enola has to a family. So when she discovers that her dear land lady has been abducted, Enola is shocked but determined to find out why. Especially when she finds cryptic codes within a crinoline underskirt in Mrs Tupper's upturned room... But who could have taken Mrs Tupper? And why do all the clues lead to Florence Nightingale? Great for Ages 9-12.
  • The ever-elusive Enola Holmes has now been on the run for more than eight months, much to the bemusement of her brother - the world's most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. During a chance encounter with an old acquaintance, Lady Cecily, Enola realises that there is more to the young woman's plight than meets the eye. Especially when she leaves behind a dire plea for help within a peculiar pink fan... Puzzled, Enola finds she has no choice but to risk her freedom and join forces with Sherlock. But can she trust him? And can they both save Lady Cecily in time? Great for Ages 9-12.
  • Introducing London's newest and greatest detective: Enola Holmes - the books that inspired the films starring Millie Bobby Brown. Enola Holmes is still on the run from her brother and world's most famous detective Sherlock Holmes. After one close encounter too many with him, Enola must abandon her disguise and find a new way to avoid discovery. But when Sherlock's right-hand man, Dr Watson, goes missing without a trace, Enola is unable to resist investigating. Especially when she learns that a bizarre bouquet - with flowers that all symbolise death - has been delivered to the Watson residence. It's a race against time to find Dr Watson before it's too late. Great for Ages 9-12.
  • Introducing London's newest and greatest detective: Enola Holmes - the book that inspired the film, starring Millie Bobby Brown. Enola Holmes is on the run from the world's most famous detective - her brother Sherlock Holmes. As she roams the dark and dangerous streets of London disguised as a doctor's secretary called Miss Ivy Meshle, Enola is reminded more and more that her name backwards spells 'alone'. But when she finds a concealed cache of dazzling charcoal drawings, she feels drawn to the girl who drew them. Only, that girl, young Lady Cecily, has mysteriously vanished. It's up to Enola to find her, but false appearances can only last so long... Great for Ages 9-12.
  • Follow London's newest detective, Enola Holmes, in her gripping eighth adventure - from the series that inspired the films, starring Millie Bobby Brown. May, 1890. Wolcott Balestier, the representative of an American book publisher, has arrived in London on a singular mission - to contract English authors for their latest works. When Balestier disappears on the streets of London one day, his great friend - Rudyard Kipling - bursts into Enola's office looking for help in finding him. Brash and unwilling to hire a young woman, instead he turns to Sherlock Holmes. Convinced that evil has befallen Balestier, at the hands of rival American publishers who pirate the works of English authors, he sets the elder Holmes on the trail. But Enola is determined to learn the truth behind the disappearance of the young American. Can book publishing truly be so deadly Great for Ages 9-12 Published 9th November 2023 - Order Now.
  • Follow London's newest detective, Enola Holmes, in her gripping eighth adventure - from the series that inspired the films, starring Millie Bobby Brown. Enola Holmes discovers that her friend, Lady Cecily Alastair, is in need of help. Twice before, Enola has rescued Lady Cecily from the sinister schemes of her father, Sir Eustace Alastair. And when Enola is brusquely turned away at the door of the Alastair home it soon becomes apparent that something is awry. After a daring escape involving bows, arrows and prickly bushes, Enola quickly discovers she is not the only person trying to rescue Lady Cecily. Sherlock Holmes, the world-famous detective, is also on the case. Unfortunately, the girl has already disappeared again, and is now on the loose in the unforgiving city of London. Will Enola and Sherlock work together to save Cecily? And can they agree on what they are saving her from?'A story of a young girl who is empowered, capable, and smart... Great for Ages 9-12 Published 12th October 2023 - Order Now.
  • From award-winning and critically acclaimed Sophie Anderson, comes a fairy-tale story of friendship, belonging and bravery, in an adventure through a winter wonderland. "I wish the snow girl would come to life. Then I would have a friend, a real friend I could trust, and I wouldn't feel so alone..." When Tasha builds a snow girl with her grandpa, all she wants is for her to be real. If only wishes on snow could come true... Then Tasha meets Alyana, a friend made of wishes, starlight, snowfall and magic. But when your best friend is made of winter, what do you do when spring comes? Great for Ages 7-10.
  • Imogen has been taking a step back from penguin activities since she started her new school, leaving her brother, Arthur, in charge of visiting their feathered friends. But when penguins start to go missing from the wild, she knows she has to spring into action. Could old adversaries be behind the random disappearances? With the help of their old friend, Einstein, it's time for Imogen and Arthur to turn detective again... 'A delightful series' The Bookseller Great for Ages 7-10.
  • Irish language edition of The Slug and the Snail. Drawn from the Irish Traveller storytelling tradition, DeBhairduin's tale is a gentle allegory about difference, self-acceptance and different ways of seeing the world. Two slugs travel happily together as brothers, until they meet a crow who shows them that they have no home.Ashamed, one of the slugs decides to make himself a home, and calls himself snail. The brothers grow apart andbecome suspicious of each other. The slug with no shell-house feels ashamed until he learns to see that the very road he travels is his home, and so he shall never be homeless. The happy slug no longer sees himself through the judging eyes of others, but proudly asserts his place in the world. Great for Ages 1-7.
  • Bound into this playful and energetic rhyming text featuring an adorable cast of dogs. Whether it's getting marvellously muddy, leaping and lolloping or hiding under the bed with a stolen slipper, a dog's life is so much FUN. This hilarious alphabet celebration of canine capers is perfect for dog lovers young and old. Featuring stylish and vibrant artwork by the award-winning Sara Ogilvie, illustrator of Julia Donaldson's The Detective Dog. This bright and cheerful book is the perfect gift for any child (or adult!) to read aloud or enjoy alone. Great for Ages 1-6. Published 12th October 2023 - Order Now.
  • 'Tis the night before Christmas and all is calm in Santa's workshop. The presents are wrapped and the sleigh is polished. All that's left to do is wash Santa's iconic red-and-white suit ... What could possibly go wrong? Sparkling with all the magic of the season, this warm-hearted tale is a celebration of embracing change and being yourself. Christmas is gonna be FABULOUS! Great for Ages 1-6. Published 5th October 2023 - Order Now.
  • Chaos at Christmas! Join a whole host of animals in silly situations as they try to celebrate the festive season. You can't let an elephant pull Santa's sleigh,if you want your presents on Christmas Day... He'll do his best to tug it up to the skybut the sad fact is - elephants can't fly! Raccoons decorating your Christmas tree? Pulling crackers with alpacas? Kissing a buffalo under the mistletoe? Oh no... that just won't do! A festive romp featuring all sorts of animals in all sorts of madcap situations, from the bestselling creators of the You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus series. Great for Ages 1-6. Published 12th October 2023 - Order Now.
  • On a chilly evening in a London park, a plucky little robin strikes up a conversation with a snowman. Together they embark on a night-time adventure exploring the streets of London. From the snowy guards at Buckingham Palace, to the dazzling Christmas lights in Piccadilly Circus, to the majestic London Eye slowly revolving over the Thames, the snowman sees how wonderful the world is - even if he only has a short time to experience it. A stunning hardcover jacketed edition featuring shiny red type on the cover. The gorgeously painted cityscapes throughout the book capture the magic of London at night. Great for Ages 1-7. Published 12th October 2023 - Order Now. Published 19th October 2023 - Order Now.
  • A magical book for Christmas, written in perfect, heartfelt rhyme by Julia Donaldson now as a chunky board book! The Christmas Pine is based on a true story. It celebrates a special tradition that stretches back over seventy years. Every year, the Mayor of Oslo in Norway presents the British people with a spectacular Christmas tree. The tree is a symbol of peace and friendship, and a thank you for the UK's support during World War II. Each year, the UK Poetry Society asks a poet to write a poem to welcome the tree. Julia Donaldson originally wrote The Christmas Pine to celebrate the 2020 Christmas tree. The poem was performed by London schoolchildren, and displayed in Trafalgar Square. Great for Ages 0-3. Published 12th October 2023 - Order Now.


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