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  • Mr Gray needs something spectacular to show for the grand reopening of his museum. So when he receives a call about a ‘very old thing’ that has been discovered in a garden, he is very keen to investigate. What he finds there is a ginormous bone. Then another, and another …Could the bones be from an elephant? A rhinoceros? Or even a hippopotamus?When a little dog helps him uncover an enormous antler, Mr Gray thinks he might have solved the puzzle … and found a very special exhibit for his grand reopening, too! Great for Ages 0-6 Published 10th September 2024 - Order Now.
  • The President is taking his dog for a walk in the mountains. It's the first time his pet has been on a hike and it's very excited. But when a storm hits, the President sends the pup off for help while he takes shelter on the mountainside. The courageous dog jumps fences, scales boulders and crosses wild rivers, until he meets the Mountain Rescue team, who take him on the most exciting trip ever as their helicopter flies to the rescue, getting the President and his dog home to the Aras just in time for tea! Great for Ages 0-6
  • The Three Bears can't agree on the perfect presents for a special friend. Can Goldilocks help them find gifts that are JUST RIGHT? Join them on a fun-filled trip around Cork’s best-loved locations: Shandon Tower – Fitzgerald’s Park – English Market – Everyman Theatre - Blarney – Cobh – Blackrock Castle. Great for Ages 3-7.
  • We go down the steps and ... What’s happening here? Why’s everyone wearing this old-fashioned gear? Eccles Street looks like it did years ago. A lady in a big poofy dress says hello. It seems like just another ordinary day for Rosie and her grandad. But as soon as they step outside, they find themselves on a blooming great adventure around Dublin on the 16th of June, 1904! Great for Ages 2-6.
  • A book on all aspects of farming in Ireland, including traditional farm animals like cattle, sheep, goats and poultry and more unusual animals like alpacas, wild boar, rhea and fish. A charming and engaging book filled with information, much of it Ireland-specific, presented in a light-hearted and child-friendly text. Original illustrations and photographs are featured throughout in an interactive layout. Featuring mighty muckers, horned heroes, woolly ones, hoofed heckles, feathered friends and happy helpers. Great for Ages 3-7.
  • Ro, ro, the rattlin’ bog, the bog down in the valley-o!... Joining Barefoot’s singalong collection, this rollicking traditional Irish tune sung by a traditional Irish band explores an Irish peat bog where a rattlin’ (Irish slang for “wonderful”) tree contains a rattlin’ nest, which contains a rattlin’ egg, which contains a rattlin’ bird... all the way down to a seed of a brand-new rattlin’ tree. Includes notes on Irish peat bogs and the creatures that live there, as well as plant and animal life cycles. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • Maidin! Come along for a sunny (then rainy!) day in Ireland. Count sheep on the farm, practice hurling, and make a wish on a rainbow. Irish author Muireann Ní Chíobháin and illustrator Fuchsia MacAree draw on their personal experiences to create this sweet board book as part of the Our World series for very young readers. Great for Ages 0-3.
  • Get ready to meet everyone's favourite creatures from Irish folklore, all using their powers in unexpected ways... In this charmingly illustrated collection of rhyming stories these naughty little fairies, pucas and wisps learn to turn frowns upside down and go from frightening to fun! Join Liam the Leprechaun, Betty the Banshee and Padraig the Puca; Willow the Wisp, Fiadh the Fairy and Seana the Selkie for lots of bedtime giggles. Told with humour and warmth, this new twist on Irish folk legends, inspired by the National Folklore Collection, will delight a whole new generation of young readers Great for Ages 1-6.
  • FINSCÉALTA AS ÉIRINN ( A translation to Irish of 'Best Loved Irish Stories ) An Bradán Feasa Conas Mar a Fuair Cú Chulainn a Ainm Clann Lir Labhraí Loingseach Fionn agus an Fathach An Cú Faoil Bán Oisín Eithne Massey has had a lifelong attachment to the legends and traditions of her native Ireland. Her best-selling books of Irish myths and legends for children include what is fast becoming a classic picture book, Best-Loved Irish Legends, and of a number of novels for young readers, among them the award-winning Blood Brother, Swan Sister, with its backdrop of the Battle of Clontarf, and the skilful story of the man behind the rebel leader in Michael Collins: Hero and Rebel. Her other books include Legendary Ireland: Myths and Legends of Ireland and The Turning of the Year. Lisa Jackson lives in Dublin. She works in comic books, illustration and game design and has illustrated books such as Best-Loved Irish Legends, Ice Dreams and The Henny Penny Tree. Irish Language Title. Great for Ages 7-9.
  • Meet a secret mermaid and a grumpy saint, a greedy prince and the magical foals that became a famous wave. Beware slippery, slidey monsters and lovestruck hags! In these stories, you will find adventure laced with humour and enchantment. Perfect for reading aloud to little ones or for older children to read themselves, this beautifully illustrated book will bring you to a place where magic happens. Stories inspired by the Cliffs of Moher from long, long ago. Legends include: The Mermaid of Moher, The Hag, The Lost City, The Magic Foals, The Giant Eel of Kilmacreehy. Great for Ages 3-7.
  • Robin, magpie, swan, eagle, swallow, owl. Introduces the youngest readers to the feathered friends they can see flying all around Ireland!With simple text and pictures, this bright and colourful board book is perfect for children learning how to understand the world around them. Great for Ages 0-4.
  • A beautifully illustrated children’s book featuring the story of trailblazer Aleen Cust. Great for Ages 3-7.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Irish Women's soccer team, from national games to international fame! This must-have unofficial souvenir of the Irish Women's soccer team charts their unstoppable rise - all the way to the World Cup! Get to know all the key players, the captain and the coach with in-depth profiles. Test your knowledge with match stats and facts. Travel with the team to the World Cup and relive all the glorious games. Get ready for all the games, goals and girl power young fans could ever need! Great for Ages 7-11.
  • A fully illustrated collection of Irish poems, ranging from medieval to modern poems in English and Irish, edited by Lucinda Jacob and Sarah Webb and illustrated by Ashwin Chacko. This includes old favourites and new voices. Great for Ages 7-12.
  • Josh Van Der Flier is the current World Rugby Player of the Year and star of the all-conquering Ireland and Leinster rugby teams. Growing up in Wicklow, Josh was sports mad, but rugby was his passion. He took his early footsteps on the pitch at school, where he first donned his famous red scrum cap. Through hard work and dedication, he eventually earned selection to the Leinster Academy and began climbing the ladder towards his dream of becoming a professional rugby player. Despite injury setbacks, Josh established himself as a key player for the province. And soon he was called up to play for his country, starting a glorious run of honours including two grand slams, surpassing even his own expectations when he was named World Player of the Year in 2022. Great for Ages 8-12.
  • You won't find Mary Robinson, Ernest Shackleton or Rory McIlroy in this volume - they're among the UNforgettables who have shaped Irish life... Instead, meet some fascinating, Irish people (and animals), who have advanced (or set back) the cause of everything from astronomy to zoology. There's the honourable but underappreciated Valentine Greatrakes, a 17th-century witchfinder and healer from Waterford. There's also the bygone baddie Miler McGrath, possibly the worst bishop in the history of religion, who appears to have been a Franciscan monk, a Catholic bishop AND a bishop of the Church of Ireland at more or less the same time... Then there's Paddy the Pigeon, the WW2 veteran who brought the news of the Allied D-Day success to England. Be inspired by their stories and maybe one day, you can be forgettable too! Great for Ages 7-13.
  • Crossing the ocean for a new life I looked up and the American flags on the roof seemed miles and miles away in the blue, blue, sky. I looked along the street, and the building seemed to go on forever. It's 1911 and young sisters Sally and Bridget are sailing to New York to find work - leaving behind their home and everything they know in Ireland. The city is so big and strange, but the sisters and their new friend Julia are determined to make the most of this exciting new world. They have each other, and if they work hard, New York is full of opportunities. Then, when a false accusation threatens to destroy everything, the girls realise there's nothing more important than sticking together. Great for Ages 8-11.
  • Ancient stories that challenge modern notions of what it means to be a hero. The ancient gods of Ireland were once worshipped throughout the land. Powerful and brave, they were unafraid to show their vulnerability, reject violence, or lean on others for support. Sadly, their stories - passed down by our ancestors - are all but forgotten. Gods Don't Cry reawakens these gods, whose ancient tales redefine modern ideas of what it means to be a hero. From Mannanan, who uses his neurodiversity to discover the Otherworld, to Meiche, who finds the courage to accept his illness, Fer Maisse, a monster slayer who gives up glory to become a healer, and Cnu Deroil, who overcomes bullies with his musical talent. Hurlers and warriors, academics, and activists - these are gods of many abilities, sizes, and skin shades, from every corner of Ireland. Follow their adventures as they perform magic, battle demons, overcome struggles and find the courage to be true to themselves. You might even see yourself in their stories and discover, that you too, are a hero. Illustrated by Conor Merriman Great for Ages 9-14.


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