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  • A beautifully illustrated children’s book featuring the story of trailblazer Aleen Cust. Great for Ages 3-7.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Irish Women's soccer team, from national games to international fame! This must-have unofficial souvenir of the Irish Women's soccer team charts their unstoppable rise - all the way to the World Cup! Get to know all the key players, the captain and the coach with in-depth profiles. Test your knowledge with match stats and facts. Travel with the team to the World Cup and relive all the glorious games. Get ready for all the games, goals and girl power young fans could ever need! Great for Ages 7-11.
  • A fully illustrated collection of Irish poems, ranging from medieval to modern poems in English and Irish, edited by Lucinda Jacob and Sarah Webb and illustrated by Ashwin Chacko. This includes old favourites and new voices. Great for Ages 7-12.
  • Josh Van Der Flier is the current World Rugby Player of the Year and star of the all-conquering Ireland and Leinster rugby teams. Growing up in Wicklow, Josh was sports mad, but rugby was his passion. He took his early footsteps on the pitch at school, where he first donned his famous red scrum cap. Through hard work and dedication, he eventually earned selection to the Leinster Academy and began climbing the ladder towards his dream of becoming a professional rugby player. Despite injury setbacks, Josh established himself as a key player for the province. And soon he was called up to play for his country, starting a glorious run of honours including two grand slams, surpassing even his own expectations when he was named World Player of the Year in 2022. Great for Ages 8-12.
  • You won't find Mary Robinson, Ernest Shackleton or Rory McIlroy in this volume - they're among the UNforgettables who have shaped Irish life... Instead, meet some fascinating, Irish people (and animals), who have advanced (or set back) the cause of everything from astronomy to zoology. There's the honourable but underappreciated Valentine Greatrakes, a 17th-century witchfinder and healer from Waterford. There's also the bygone baddie Miler McGrath, possibly the worst bishop in the history of religion, who appears to have been a Franciscan monk, a Catholic bishop AND a bishop of the Church of Ireland at more or less the same time... Then there's Paddy the Pigeon, the WW2 veteran who brought the news of the Allied D-Day success to England. Be inspired by their stories and maybe one day, you can be forgettable too! Great for Ages 7-13.
  • Crossing the ocean for a new life I looked up and the American flags on the roof seemed miles and miles away in the blue, blue, sky. I looked along the street, and the building seemed to go on forever. It's 1911 and young sisters Sally and Bridget are sailing to New York to find work - leaving behind their home and everything they know in Ireland. The city is so big and strange, but the sisters and their new friend Julia are determined to make the most of this exciting new world. They have each other, and if they work hard, New York is full of opportunities. Then, when a false accusation threatens to destroy everything, the girls realise there's nothing more important than sticking together. Great for Ages 8-11.
  • Ancient stories that challenge modern notions of what it means to be a hero. The ancient gods of Ireland were once worshipped throughout the land. Powerful and brave, they were unafraid to show their vulnerability, reject violence, or lean on others for support. Sadly, their stories - passed down by our ancestors - are all but forgotten. Gods Don't Cry reawakens these gods, whose ancient tales redefine modern ideas of what it means to be a hero. From Mannanan, who uses his neurodiversity to discover the Otherworld, to Meiche, who finds the courage to accept his illness, Fer Maisse, a monster slayer who gives up glory to become a healer, and Cnu Deroil, who overcomes bullies with his musical talent. Hurlers and warriors, academics, and activists - these are gods of many abilities, sizes, and skin shades, from every corner of Ireland. Follow their adventures as they perform magic, battle demons, overcome struggles and find the courage to be true to themselves. You might even see yourself in their stories and discover, that you too, are a hero. Illustrated by Conor Merriman Great for Ages 9-14.
  • 'Cat didn't notice a shadow slinking into the room and leaning in closer ... as if it were listening.' When Cat finds out that her cool new neighbour, Dr Becca Ryan, is a witch, she's fascinated. Cat already loves magic - she has The Sight - and she's sure she can learn loads from Becca. But Cat has other things on her mind - her mum has a boyfriend and Cat's not happy. When she turns to Becca for advice, she gets more than she bargained for. Cat and her friend Shane are sent off on a perilous quest for an ancient harp that, when played, can influence the thoughts of anyone who hears it - and it seems like Cat will go to any lengths to find it. As they face shape-shifting wolves, demons and magic on the island of Hy-Brasil, Cat and Shane learn many things about themselves - and prepare to battle an ancient and terrifying power.
  • Step inside twelve magical mythological worlds. You might want to take a map.But the maps in Myth Atlas are special: they show how twelve extraordinary cultures saw the world. For some it's a giant tree or an upside-down mountain. Others reckon we're living on the back of a giant turtle. All of them are fascinating. As you travel the world from Egypt to Japan, you'll meet an incredible array of gods, monsters, heroes and fantastical beasts. Just watch out for werewolves and banshees along the way. Myth Atlas is a magnificent gift book that will captivate children and adults alike. Great for Ages 7-13.
  • Did you ever wonder just how the Sun and Moon came to live in the sky? This cute and funny story explains exactly how it came to be, and it's not as scientific as you might think. A simple case of two polar opposite best friends who needed their own space. Irish Language Title. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • Ireland in the middle of the 17th Century. The country is being tyrannised by Cromwell's soldiers, but it isn't just the people of Ireland who are suffering - Cromwell has declared a war on wolves, and it won't be long until every last wolf is gone from the country. Una, a young brave girl, has an opportunity to stand up for that noble animal and to help one wolf evade the clutches of Cromwell's soldiers. But what chance do one girl and one wolf have when the whole world is against them? Irish Language Title. 76 pages. Great for Ages 8-12.
  • Prepare to set off on a grand voyage of discovery. You might want to take a map, but this is no ordinary atlas... The 'maps' in Discovery Atlas are fabulous, imaginative scenes, packed with incredible inventions and dramatic discoveries. There are twelve witty, fact-packed chapters to explore, which show how humans discovered everything from Medicine and Technology to Food, Space and even Sport. As you travel through each gorgeously illustrated chapter, you'll meet amazing inventors, explorers, artists and astronauts from all around the globe. You'll see how we invented writing, medicine, cars and chocolate (and everything else in between!) You'll bump into robots and dinosaurs. You'll spot tiny space probes, ancient cheese and the wreck of the Titanic. It's going to be an extraordinary journey. Are you ready to explore? Packed with fascinating characters and astonishing illustrations, this is a spectacular feast of a book Full of fun and amazing facts. Guaranteed to captivate children and adults alike! A stunning, large-format hardback, gorgeously illustrated in full colour, and with gold foil detailing on the cover. A perfect gift book Thiago de Moraes is the author and illustrator of the superb Myth Atlas and History Atlas. Great for Ages 7-13.
  • Dublin, 1830: When his da breaks his arm, Hugh 'Scholar' O'Dare has to leave school to work as a chimney sweeper with his brothers. The job is scary and dangerous, but Scholar knows their growing family won't survive without the money he earns. On Christmas Eve, the brothers are working in 30 Merrion Square, home of the most famous man in Ireland, Daniel O'Connell. The 'Liberator' tells Scholar he has heard of his talent for maths - which makes Scholar yearn even more to be back in his beloved class. When travelling sweep Darby Madden and his apprentice Bert start going after the O'Dares' jobs, Scholar's dad and brothers plan to chase them out of town. Scholar is tasked with scaring Bert off, but a shocking secret comes to light, catapulting them both in a new direction. Who will they turn to for help, and how will the secret change their futures? Great for Ages 9-12.
  • The Great Big Irish Annual 2024 is packed with lots of fun things to make and do, puzzles, colouring, crazy facts and much, much more. Build a CATAPULT in our Science Lab, solve a Murder Mystery, create the next GAMING SENSATION, or make your own ROCKY ROAD in the Kitchen Corner. This bumper book of the year delivers hilarious jokes, Serious science and Hectic History that will keep you entertained for hours! Great for Ages 7-12. ISBN 9780717198863
  • A kind little puffling lives on Skellig Michael. She loves her cosy underground bed. But her smaller puffling friend is afraid of the dark. Can the animals of Skellig help her show him the wonder of nighttime?Puffling lives on Skellig Michael, and she loves her cosy underground nest. But her little puffling friend is too afraid to sleep in his burrow - 'I don't like the dark. It's too dark in the dark.' So Puffling takes him to visit a playful rabbit, a happy crab, a friendly blue shark, and many other animals on Skellig. Each one tells the little puffling what they love most about the dark. Can Puffling convince her little friend not to be afraid? Great for Ages 0-6.
  • When his best friend Tom is abducted, Alex Rider is given an ultimatum by Nightshade - a sinister cult of assassins with a score to settle. But what twisted evil are they planning, and how is it connected to a revolutionary new gaming system?With no idea who to trust, Alex finds himself dragged into a nightmare world - where nothing is real but the game could kill you. The clock is ticking and Nightshade is closing in... The world's bestselling teenage spy takes on a new and daring mission. This much-awaited new book in the bestselling Alex Rider series continues Alex's fight against the deadly assassins encountered in the last book, Nightshade. Alex still has unfinished business with this sinister group made up of brainwashed children, not least trying to reunite MI6 chief Mrs Jones, along with her long lost son and daughter. The adventure takes us deep into the life-changing world of augmented reality, where even Alex will struggle to succeed against the technology. Great for Ages 9-12.
  • In 1849, the Thomas Arbuthnot set sail for Australia. Onboard were 194 Irish girls. I heard the emotion in Sarah's voice as she asked, 'Will we ever come back?''Come back where?''Home,' said Sarah. 'Do you think we will ever see Ireland again?' Maggie and Sarah are on their way to Australia. Their homes and their lives have been devastated by famine, with death coming to so many. Even when they sought refuge in the workhouse they found horror and heartbreak there. When the girls are given the chance of a new life on the other side of the world, they know they have to say yes - no matter the price. On board ship, they are caught in between worlds. How will they find the courage and strength to build new lives in a strange land? Great for Ages 9-12.
  • With poems by W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, Katharine Tynan, Alice Milligan, Lady Wilde and Lady Gregory, J.M. Synge, Jonathan Swift, Austin Clarke and many others, this collection will delight readers young and old. Let the words of these masters - some heart-remembered, others new to discover - and the radiant illustrations by Erin Brown bring you from bee-loud glade to fields of light, from purple glen to caves 'neath the glittering waves... Great for Ages 7-12.


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