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  • A brand new colouring book for fans of Where Are You, Puffling? Gorgeous black and white illustrations from the original picture book for children to colour in. A perfect gift! Great for Ages 0-6. ISBN 9781788492348
  • High kings, forbidden romance and ancient magic all feature in these rich and colourful myths. Packed with 28 classic tales drawn from Ireland's ancient tradition of storytelling, these legends will delight children of all ages - as they have for generations. In this book you will find tales of beautiful princesses and handsome princes, brave kings, beautiful queens, wicked stepmothers, greedy landlords, wily druids, practical saints, magic spears, singing harps, slithering snakes, fierce dragons, cruel enchantments, courageous deeds, mischievous fairies and clever leprechauns. Ireland's rich and colourful history is reflected in these myths and legends which have been handed down from generation to generation. This popular pocket format will appeal to visitors to Ireland. And for children in Ireland with names such as Deirdre, Aoife, Conor, Grainne, Diarmuid, Brian, Maeve, Fionn and Oisin, the question 'Where does my name come from?' is easily answered with a story. Here are stories to be enjoyed by children and adults alike - just like they have been for hundreds of years. Great for Ages 3-99. ISBN 9780717158997
  • An Triail (The Trial) is a play written by the Irish playwright Mairéad Ní Ghráda. The play is written in the Irish language. An Triail is set in the west of Ireland during the 1960s and deals with the pregnancy, and subsequent single motherhood, of a young girl. She is shunned by her family after getting pregnant by the local primary school teacher, a married man with a sick wife, and must leave her parish and move to the city. Here she is once again marginalised, first as a pregnant woman and then as a single mother. An encounter with the child's father, where he further rejects her and his child, only serves to make matters worse and the girl takes her own life, as well as that of her child. Irish Language Title. Great for Teens and Young Adults ISBN 9781857919738
  • Mamó has one amazing new hat, her zoo hat, decorated with lemur’s tail and peacock feathers! But even this hat is not enough for Mamó. She hatches a plan to escape the nursing home and parade her zoo hat in the zoo. She commands her grand-daughter, Siobhán, to escort herself and two friends from the nursing home. Their expedition to the zoo is as colourful as Mamó’s zoo hat. Irish Language Title. Great for Ages 9-12 ISBN 9781907494604
  • Irish-language edition of this popular children’s biography. Tom Crean was no ordinary man, and his chilling adventures in the Antarctic raise real goosebumps in this stirring story of survival in extraordinary conditions. ISBN 9781848890077
  • Aoife is building a cardboard robot, and all she wants is a bit of fun. When the robot takes on a life of its own, that’s when the real fun starts! Boscadán is very good at taking things apart and putting them back together. He promises Aoife’s parents that he’ll fix everything that’s broken in the house, but that’s not all he does... Irish Language Title. Great for Ages 7-10. ISBN 9781912133710
  • Peppa and her family are visiting Ireland for an Irish-dancing festival!Join them as they dress up in dance outfits, listen to amazing music and pic souvenirs to take home in this brilliant sticker activity book. Great for Ages 1-5.
  • Today is a very special day. It is the President's birthday and everyone is preparing a birthday surprise for him. So while the President is sent out to the Phoenix Park to walk the dogs, preparations get underway. The pigeon helpfully puts up the bunting, the postmistress delivers the birthday cards, Mrs Mullins dusts down the pictures and the cheeky cat tastes the freshly whipped cream! Meanwhile, the President enjoys tea and scones at Farmleigh House and even does a spot of yoga on the fifteen acres. But will our forgetful President enjoy his day out in the park too much to remember his own birthday party? Or will it be his turn to surprise everyone instead? ISBN 9780717188727 Great for Ages 0-6
  • He is Ireland's most famous warrior, a legendary figure who has enchanted children for millennia. But who really was Fionn Mac Cumhaill? And what was he like when he was a child?In this wonderful, modern retelling of an ancient tale, based on a 12th-century manuscript, Ronan Moore brings young Fionn to life in a series of wild adventures. A cheeky kid, constantly trying to outsmart the adults around him, Fionn is on the run from his father's enemies who want him dead. Travel with him as he journeys throughout Ireland, evading capture, outwitting enemies, and training to become the greatest leader Ireland has ever known. Including the well-known myths of the Salmon of Knowledge and the Dragon of Tara, this book will appeal to all children as they follow Fionn's life up to the point of his becoming leader of the Fianna. Great for Ages 7-12 / ISBN 9780717185863
  • 'Who are we?''Ballymarra! Ballymarra!' everyone shouted loudly. Thirteen-year-old Anna loves Gaelic football, and she's good: focused, skilled and strong. But then everything changes; after a terrible loss, Anna and her family move to a new town. How will she cope with a new home, new school and new GAA club?It seems like even football can't give her comfort, maybe some help from an unexpected place is just what she needs...... Football, friendship & family forever. Great for Ages 8-12 ISBN 9781788491839
  • Mr Gray is a very serious man. And he is in charge of a very old, very serious museum filled to the brim with stuffed animals. Mr Gray does not like people. He does not like children. In fact, he is most at home with things that are stuffed. So when a real live mouse decides to move into the Dead Zoo, Mr Gray is determined that she must go. That is, until he needs her help... Another instant classic from the creator of the award-winning President picture book series. Great for Ages 0-6. ISBN 9780717191116
  • The President has just returned from his summer holidays but Aras an Uachtarain just isn't the same without the President's cat. Luckily the good people of Ireland are ready to help him. From a Kerry fisherman to a hairy biker and a group of singing hippies, prepare to meet an array of wonderful characters on a funny adventure through some of Ireland's iconic landmarks. Will the President's cat find his way home? And, if he does, will the Aras have a cat among the pigeons? Great for Ages 0-6. ISBN 9780717184859
  • Winds of Change explores the challenges faced by a range of characters against the backdrop of Land League agitation, evictions and boycotting in 1880's Ireland. The story is told through the eyes of three Irish children: Clara Parkinson, Molly O'Hara, and Aidan Daly, whose contrasting circumstances result in differing responses to the unfolding turmoil. Despite their differing backgrounds, Clara, Aidan, and Molly become friends - a friendship that in the tinderbox climate of the Land War brings real physical dangers. Meanwhile Molly has to grapple with her divided loyalties when her father takes part in evictions with the Royal Irish Constabulary. Interspersed with time-slip elements from the present day, with student Garret Byrne exploring his family's past, the story is set during the pivotal period of late 1880 to early 1881, a time when the face of Ireland was changing forever, with dramatic - and sometimes shocking - consequences for our cast of characters. ISBN 9781788491952
  • In a deep leafy wood, by a slow-moving stream, Where butterflies flutter through golden sunbeams, Lives a beautiful fairy called Flossie McFluff. She's tiny and shiny, but Flossie is tough. She has magical powers; she knows magic words; And she cares for the trees and the bees and the birds. Wee Flossie lives high in an ancient oak tree,And lives for adventure, as we shall soon see ... Three stories in rhyme about a little fairy who looks after the forest. In the first tale, she gives some litter louts a scare, then she helps a lonely banshee find some friends, and finally helps her leprechaun friend Paddy Potts find his missing gold. Great for Ages 0-6. ISBN 9781788492188
  • Meet the teenage Fionn McCumhall who leads the legendary Fianna warriors. Accompanied by his loyal Irish wolfhound Conbec and closest friends, Fionn and his band of warriors must survive a series of incredible adventures which culminate in an epic final battle. Inspired by a collection of ancient Irish manuscripts, Fionn and the Fianna is the thrilling tale of Ireland's most legendary hero - one that breathes life into well-known stories such as 'The Giant's Causeway' and 'The Enchanted Deer' as well as introducing us to the magical, mystical world of the Fianna, all reimagined and beautifully illustrated to excite young readers. Great for Ages 9-12. ISBN 9780717191000
  • Irish history isn't boring ... it's DEADLY! The DEADLY! Celts came to Ireland from Europe over 2,500 years ago! DEADLY! Celtic heroes!DEADLY! Celtic warfare!DEADLY! Celtic art! But were they more than just bold, bragging bullies? Find out in this DEADLY! Irish History. ISBN 9781788491303
  • Irish history isn't boring ... it's DEADLY!And nobody was more DEADLY! than the Vikings who attacked Ireland in the 8th century!DEADLY! Viking warriors! DEADLY! Viking ships!DEADLY! Viking weapons!But were they really just marauding, murdering maniacs?The first book in a new series 'Deadly Irish History', The Vikings is jam-packed with all kinds of interesting facts and stories about Viking life. Highly illustrated with cartoons and comic strips as well as illustrating how vikings ships and houses were made, it's also full of things to make and do, quizzes and puzzles. The world of the Vikings in Ireland is an endlessly fascinating one, sobe like them and go out and EXPLORE! ISBN 9781788491037
  • Tá chuile dhuine de mhuintir Aoife gafa leis an stair – chuile dhuine seachas Aoife! Ní thuigeann sí cén fáth a chaitheann a máthair lá i ndiaidh lae ag toraíocht taisce sa seanmhainistir. Nuair a thugann Aoife féin cuairt ar an mainistir i lár na hoíche, faigheann sí amach nach bhfuil cursaí staire chomh leadránach is a cheap sí! Everyone in Aoife’s house is obsessed with History- everyone except Aoife! She does not understand why her Mother spends all day at the old local monastery looking for hidden treasures underground. When Aoife visits the old monastery on her own, surprisingly, she find out that history is not so boring after all. Irish language title. Great for Ages 7-10. ISBN 9781910945759


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