We’ve picked out some great home education resources for children so that parents and carers can encourage them to continue their learning in a fun and enjoyable way. And remember – we offer Free Postage in ROI on orders over €30 – just choose the Free Postage option at checkout.

  • Packed with mind-blowing facts, this incredible book of the solar system is perfect for space lovers everywhere. This fascinating guide introduces the birth of the Sun and the solar system, then continues on a journey through space. They discover the smallest planet, rocky Mercury, which is closest to the Sun, and Venus, the hottest planet. There is also Mars, with its polar ice caps and volcanoes, and Jupiter, with its swirling storm clouds. Then readers venture further into space to explore the icy giants of outer space. This wonderful space book for kids offers:- In-depth information, backed up by space photography, probe images, illustrations, and fun diagrams. Striking illustrations, making this title a perfect gift, as well as a solid reference book. Easy-to-digest sections, each filled with incredible facts and visuals. STEM learning, with key topics: labelled images of each of the planets, clear step-by-step visuals to show the birth of our solar system, accessible facts about space missions. Boasting beautiful illustrations by artist Dawn Cooper, combined with up-to-date images from space agencies such as NASA and ESA, info panels, timelines, and diagrams, that help demystify and explain the spectacles of space, this is the ideal book for budding astronaughts. At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why stop there?If you like The Solar System, then why not complete the collection? Take a trip into space and discover the mysteries of Earth's closest neighbour with The Moon. Great for Ages 7-10.
  • Discover the amazing world of reptiles in this book all about snakes for kids. Embark on a fun, fact-filled dive into the world of snakes with Everything You Need to Know About Snakes. Children will love to learn all the basics of reptile anatomy in this beautiful and informative book on our serpent friends. Packed with vibrant pictures and lots of fascinating facts, kids can enjoy learning all about a snake's habitat and behaviour. See how they survive in forests, deserts, and oceans, and how these clever creatures have adapted to live in seemingly inhospitable habitats. Alongside, in between, and on top of all that, this riveting snake book also provides ideas for things to make, games to play, quizzes, and amazing facts to share with friends!Inside the pages of this reptile book for children, you'll find:- Facts on habitat and anatomy, as well as oddities such as why snakes have scales and why chameleons change colour. - Close-ups, quizzes, and games with an exciting take on the amazing world of our cold-blooded friends. - A look at these creatures from all angles - information on habitat and breeding habits, as well as information on pythons, Komodo dragons, sea turtles, and many more. Children can learn all about snakes from the very first page of this book, which combines little-known information with engaging text and an exciting design. Each page contains everything kids need to know, and everything they WANT to find out about snakes! Great for Ages 6-10.
  • Understand the rules of English grammar with this fun, fully illustrated reference book for children aged 5-9 who are studying English as a foreign language. This ultimate grammar guide features attractive illustrations, clear layouts, and simple explanations that present and explain the rules of the English language in a way that is easy for younger learners to understand and digest. The grammar covered in this reference guide will help children to describe the world around them, talk about their likes and dislikes, ask questions, and form negative sentences. Grammar is first presented in a realistic scene, and then broken down into bite-size chunks that are easy to understand and digest. Each grammar rule is accompanied by a simple explanation that can be used by the teacher or parent. This grammar book for children offers: - Material that's ideal for children who have recently begun to study English, covering essential grammar including present, past, and future tenses, negatives, questions, modal verbs, pronouns, and adjectives - The grammar and language structures required for the Cambridge Young Learners exams or Grades 1-3 of the Trinity GESE exams - Bite-sized modules that make grammar easy to understand, clear and simple explanations, and beautiful illustrations. Young learners of English will be captivated and engaged by the dynamic visual approach that sets English for Everyone Junior: English Grammar apart from other language materials for children. Great for Ages 5-9.
  • There are BILLIONS of wonderful ways to be human - as many ways as there are people on planet Earth. We Are All Different is an inspiring celebration of the fact that all of us are individuals, and has been created in conjunction with several Inclusive Minds Inclusion Ambassadors. This vibrant, inclusive book introduces us to a cast of children who have different abilities and disabilities, likes and dislikes; who come from different places and have different cultures and ethnicities; and who have different family structures and gender identities. It reinforces that everyone has something to offer, that diversity enriches our lives, and it also considers what all human beings have in common - that there is more that unites us than divides us. The book tackles the subject with warmth and humour, including speech bubbles and quotes from real children. The illustrations by Swedish illustrator Asa Gilland are full of character and charm. Great for Ages 4-8.
  • Packed with breathtaking photography and the topics kids love most, this is the ultimate guide to the world around you. Become an eyewitness to the world's most incredible nature, science, and historical events, all in one tremendous picture-led reference guide that will take you on a visual tour of everything. Like the hugely successful Eyewitness series itself, Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Everything includes every topic children want to read about. The world's greatest record-breakers, most amazing animals, inspiring history-makers, and cutting-edge technology are all here, in one utterly unputdownable kid's encyclopedia. Each page is illustrated with jaw-dropping photography. This fact-packed encyclopedia for children offers: - Content across the core subjects of nature, science, technology, history, and culture, tackling each topic in an engaging, unusual, attention-grabbing way - Exciting photography, more than 1,500 images and a clear design, familiar from the rebooted - Eyewitness series. - Features that are full of facts and stats, quizzes, and interviews with experts - from astronauts to zoologists - who answer kids' questions about what they do and why they love it. Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Everything introduces the ultimate guide to the world's most deadly creatures and natural wonders, history's heroes and villains, and science's most incredible breakthroughs and inventions, all as you've never seen them before. This all-encompassing encyclopedia for kids is packed with the topics kids love the most and is a must-have for curious children. Great for Ages 8-13.
  • A beautiful, moving celebration of what it truly means to be family, from the brilliant new picture book duo Patrice Lawrence and Diane Ewen. Every family is different. Every family is special. Josie loves her family. Her mum, dad, brothers and sister - they're all the best and they all look different. But people always seem to ask Josie "Is that YOUR mama?", and soon she starts to wonder if her family are actually supposed to look the same. When Josie shares her worries with her family, they find a way to help her see what truly matters. Heartfelt and empowering words by Patrice Lawrence, multi-award-winning author of Orangeboy Bright, gorgeous artwork from Diane Ewen, winner of the Jericho Prize. Great for Ages 1-6.
  • The awesome gift the whole-family can enjoy! This 2024 children's annual is loaded with all-new jaw-dropping, eye-popping, brain-bending facts and bright, bold photography! Combining the planet's weirdest facts with the coolest and strangest true storiesFrom peculiar pooches and cockroach cyborgs to unusual sculptures, sparkling salt flats and super sneezesExplores animals, geography, science, the environment, human achievement and lots moreThe perfect book for fans of Guinness World Records and Ripley's Believe It or Not! Whether it's weird words, foul food, yucky creatures, or the Wonders of the World, this 2024 children's annual is sure to entertain! Great for Ages 8-13.
  • Maths Like a Ninja gives every child the maths support they need at their fingertips, both in the classroom and at home. Perfect for children, aged 7 and up. From the creator of the bestselling Write Like a Ninja, this handy pocketbook is full of key concepts, mathematical vocabulary and practical advice to support every child's growing independence in maths. Whether a child is stuck on a fractions question or struggling to remember what 'composite numbers' are, they'll find the answer in this all-in-one quick-reference tool. This engaging, easy-to-use book will ensure children can do maths with confidence. It supports teachers in planning lessons and parents in supporting from home as well as empowering children to get the help they need easily and independently. Great for Ages 7-11. ISBN 9781801991964
  • A sensible, reassuring guide to sex and growing up, revised with the most up-to-date information. What do you want to know about sex? Information about sex is everywhere. But what you learn from TV, movies, the internet, and friends is not always a healthy or accurate view of sexuality. This book is the perfect antidote. Formatted into a series of short Q & As, it is a frank, informative and open way to learn about changing bodies, sex, relationships, puberty and more. Children can use the book to explore and answer questions for themselves, or it can be used as a helpful starting points for conversations between adults and their children. Now revised and updated, Joanna Cole's Asking About Sex & Growing Up is the perfect book to provide answers to questions about sex. Great for Ages 7+.
  • "No one is too small to make a change." Growing up, there is so much out of our control and so much we can feel helpless about. But together, we can make a difference. In this inspiring and practical handbook, bestselling children's author and Human Rights campaigner, Onjali Rauf, shares her top ten ways for creating change. With the help of her favourite fictional characters and some of the most inspiring people she has ever met, Onjali invites readers to dive in and discover everything there is to know about kindness, empathy, friendship and fighting for the things that matter. (Plus cool stuff like X-ray vision and deflecting negative forces.) Because with a bit of compassion, a big dollop of hope and even the smallest act of kindness, we can all make the world a better place. Hope is on the horizon; you just have to find it. Parental guidance recommended: issues related to discrimination, injustice and prejudice are included. Great for Ages 9-12. ISBN 9781526364418
  • Welcome to the next book in your Little Library. When your collection is complete you'll have a Little Library - and big knowledge! Discover the soldier and peacemaker that was Michael Collins! Michael Collins was born in County Cork and was the youngest of eight children. He moved to London as a teenager but returned to Ireland to fight in the Easter Rising of 1916. By 1919 he was Minister for Finance in the First Dail. After the Irish War of Independence, Michael went back to London to negotiate peace. The resulting Anglo-Irish Treaty established the Irish Free State but depended on an oath of allegiance to the Crown. And so the Irish Civil War began ... Great for Ages 7-12. ISBN 9780717194100
  • This is our Green Planet: a hidden world where plants care for other plants and can smell, taste, touch, hear and even... 'talk'. Earth is dominated by plants, which outweigh all other life - from tiny duckweed floating in our ponds to giant sequoia trees towering above us. It's easy to take plants for granted, but we depend on these light-eaters, oxygen-generators, and rain-makers for every breath of air and mouthful of food we take. But that's not all. In the world of plants, time passes more slowly, but if we speed months into minutes we can peer into this hidden world and realise: it's a battleground. Plants are working to thwart their enemies, and to trick animals into working for them. Right under your feet, and all around you, is a secret world you've probably never noticed. Until now... Let's explore our Green Planet: a secret world of plants that might change how you see plants forever. Discover all there is to love about our astonishing Green Planet, the stories of its inhabitants, and the challenges it faces. In collaboration with BBC Earth, this illustrated non-fiction book captures the intrigue, drama, and beauty of the groundbreaking new BBC TV series: The Green Planet. Great for Ages 7-12. ISBN 9781405946667
  • Discover history as you've never seen it before - and all the stuff you never knew happened at the same time!Did you know the woolly mammoths were still around when the Egyptians built their pyramids? Or that Leonardo Da Vinci lived at the same time as Henry VIII and the Aztecs? Welcome to The History of Everywhere, a fascinating guide to all the stuff you never knew happened at the same time! In lively maps, see the whole world of history: from ancient times to the modern day, watch civilizations rise and fall, spot fascinating connections and coincidences, and discover the people and events you never learnt about in school. Prepare for a fascinating journey around the world that will change the way you see history! Great for Ages 7-12. ISBN 9781406391213
  • The complete collection of all the stories from Kate Pankhurst's bestselling Fantastically Great Women series, complete with a cover that folds out into a FANTASTICALLY GREAT poster. No DREAM is too BIG if you just believe in yourself. And these strong, ambitious and FANTASTICALLY GREAT women prove it. They've conquered the tallest mountains, made game-changing discoveries, stood up for women's rights and protected our beautiful, fragile planet. Discover the inspirational lives of just some of the extraordinary women who have transformed people's expectations of what women can do in this stunning gift collection. Featuring illustrated timelines and all the women from Kate Pankhurst's adored picture books, from Frida Kahlo to Jane Goodall, and some new faces too. Get ready to meet courageous racing car driver Eliska Junkova who whizzed to victory and became the first woman to win a Grand Prix and the influential composer Chiquinha Gonzaga, the first woman conductor in Brazil. Perfect for reading at bedtime, these empowering stories will encourage you to BE BOLD, AIM HIGH and NEVER GIVE UP. How will YOU change the world Great for Ages 7-12. ISBN 9781526623607
  • This handy little dictionary offers clear definitions for all the words you need on a daily basis, providing spelling and pronunciations tips for the trickiest words. As an additional feature there is a detailed and practical writing guide for emails, social media and more formal communication. The easy-to-use layout of the Collins Gem dictionary makes it quick and easy to access and ideal for use on the go, at home, work, in the classroom or for travel. The short supplement tackles everyday problems of style and etiquette in everything from letters to emails to social media. With 85,000 words, meanings and phrases, this compact Collins English dictionary is the perfect companion. ISBN 9780008141677
  • The most up-to-date and information-packed dictionary of its size available. With spelling, grammar and pronunciation help, plus a practical writing guide, the Pocket Dictionary gives you all the everyday words you need - at your fingertips. Up-to-date language coverage along with practical guidance on effective English for everyday use. The text is compiled using the latest information on current English from Collins Corpus - our unique and constantly updated 4.5-billion-word database - ensuring the most up-to-date language coverage available. And, with all entry words and spelling forms in clear type, modern definitions, you can be sure to find all the information you need in the quickest time possible. 85,000 words, meanings, and phrases Collins have been pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819. We are proud to offer an extensive range of dictionaries in multiple formats and languages for all leisure, travel and educational needs. Dimensions:120 x 156 x 40 (mm) ISBN 9780008141806
  • The home of trusted Irish dictionaries for everyday language use. A handy Irish to English and English to Irish dictionary. Offering learners at home, school and in the office extensive and up-to-date coverage of Irish and English in a compact, portable format. There is a grammar supplement to help you to develop your knowledge of Irish and your confidence in the language and verb tables show all verb forms for the most common regular and irregular Irish verbs. The Phrasefinder supplement has all the most useful phrases at your fingertips for ease of access. ISBN 9780008320034
  • Why do bees have furry bodies? What happens inside a beehive? How do bees know where to find flowers? Find out all about the amazing world of bees in this illustrated flap book for young children, with a focus on why bees are so important, and all the jobs they do that keep the planet healthy. Great for Ages 2-6. ISBN 9781474983198


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