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  • A major new history of architecture in Britain and Ireland that looks at buildings and their construction in detail while revealing the cultural, material, political, and economic contexts that made them Architecture in Britain and Ireland, 1530-1830 presents a comprehensive history of architecture in Britain during this three-hundred-year period. Drawing on the most important advances in architectural history in the last seventy years, ranging across cultural, material, political, and economic contexts, this book also encompasses architecture in Ireland and includes substantial commentary on the buildings of Scotland and Wales. Across three chronological sections: 1530-1660, 1660-1760, and 1760-1830, this volume explores how architectural culture evolved from a subject carried solely in the minds and skills of craftsmen to being embodied in books and documents and with new professions-architects, surveyors and engineers-in charge. With chapters dedicated to towns and cities, landscape, infrastructure, military architecture, and industrial architecture, and beautifully illustrated with new photography, detailed graphics, and a wealth of historic images, Architecture in Britain and Ireland, 1530-1830 is an invaluable resource for students, historians, and anyone with an interest in the architecture of this period, and promises to become a definitive work of scholarship in the field.
  • From ancient dwellings to modern high-tech skyscrapers, discover everything there is to know about the history of architecture worldwide. Covering over 6,000 years of human history, Architecture charts the most important developments in building materials, technology, design, and the social changes that have shaped the architectural landscape. Explore every significant architectural period and style in depth through critical examples. Take a tour of some of the world's most iconic buildings, beautifully illustrated with brilliant photography and specially commissioned CGI artworks. Dive deep into the pages of this book about architecture to discover:- An innovative approach to the story of architecture using iconic examples. - Explores buildings throughout history and across the world. - A combination of creative photography and specially commissioned CGI artworks to analyse every significant architectural style. - Profiles of the latest developments in architectural practice, including "green" technology, such as living facades. - Published in association with the Smithsonian Institution in the US- Optional 56-page reference section profiles key architects and contains profiles of additional important buildingsFind out why so many ancient Roman structures have withstood the test of time. Learn how the soaring ceilings of Gothic cathedrals are held up. And discover the architectural innovations that are helping to combat climate change. Architecture is the perfect book for anyone fascinated by the built world - its visual character and the factors that have formed it - and who wants to understand more.
  • Knit 20 adorable hats to keep your little one cozy. This cute and colourful book contains a range of hats, with design styles that will appeal to every knitter. The 20 designs fall into four categories: basic beanies; animal hats; food hats and quirky hats. So whether you fancy making a simple beanie, a cute panda, fox or bee, a colourful watermelon or strawberry, or a quirky Christmas pudding, this book has it all. Choose from hats with ears, stripes, pompoms, tassels, topknots and more - all the techniques are included. Clear instructions and simple patterns. As babies vary so much in size, each design can be made in three sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months. The yarns recommended are all hypoallergenic, washable and with some elasticity, to help the hats keep their shape. The hats use relatively small amounts of yarn so are ideal for quick, portable projects. Perfect for thoughtful gifts. Hats are a timeless must-have baby item, especially if you have knitted them yourself! This is a fantastic little project book in a handy pocket-size format, so you can even knit on the go.
  • Saving money doesn't have to cost the earth. How can you remove even the toughest stains? How can you make the best use of your microwave and keep meals healthy and tasty? How can you remove mould safely? Sunday Times bestselling author Great British Bake Off winner Nancy Birtwhistle is here to answer all of these questions and more, featuring 101 thoughtful, cheap and time-saving tips and tricks on how to run a budget home - all while protecting the environment. Born in post-war Hull in the 1950s, and formerly a single working mum to two kids, Nancy is no stranger to frugality. Building on her astonishing 12p laundry detergent and wildly popular recipe, 'Pure Magic', The Green Budget Guide includes more of the inspired, sustainable and budget friendly hacks that have made Nancy so loved by readers and followers on social media, as well as tips and tricks from a lifetime spent learning how to run a household efficiently by saving time and money. 'Previous generations were very good at being "budget-friendly" long before "eco-friendly" became an everyday word, so by combining the two we can begin to meet these difficult challenges and actually feel empowered, resilient and resourceful.' Nancy x Published 4th January 2024 - Order Now.
  • The long-awaited design book from Shea McGee, beautifully showcasing all that is possible for every room of your home. Whether it's through her thriving design business, Studio McGee, her popular Netflix series, Dream Home Makeover, or her online community of over five million followers, Shea McGee has shown the world how the principles of high-end design can be applied to any home. As the title of her new book suggests, designing rooms for maximum impact while also remaining approachable to any who enter is an art. But it's also a skill that can be learned because it's inside each one of us. In The Art of Home, Shea takes us through every room of the house, starting with an explanation of process and then guiding our entryways, living rooms, kitchens, offices, kids' rooms, and even our utility rooms. With step-by-step guides paired with her own design projects and the power of her personal stories, Shea helps us transform the most important parts of our lives and how we live. What I love about design is the opportunity to dream and then will that vision into existence. Join Shea as she teaches us to dream and then shows us how to make it reality. Her new book, The Art of Home, is as functional as it is heart-stoppingly beautiful and it will maintain a presence in your home for years to come.
  • Embrace off-grid green living and imagine a more sustainable future with the original guide to self-sufficiency. For over 40 years, John Seymour has inspired thousands to make more eco-friendly choices with his advice on living sustainably. The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency offers step-by-step instructions on everything from chopping trees to harnessing solar power; from growing fruit and vegetables, and preserving and pickling your harvest, to baking bread, brewing beer, and making cheese. Seymour shows you how to live off the land, running your own smallholding or homestead, and raising (and butchering) livestock. In a world of mass production, intensive farming, and food miles, Seymour's words offer an alternative: a celebration of investing time, labour, and love into the things we need. While we won't all be able to move to the countryside, we can appreciate the need to eat food that has been grown ethically or create things we can cherish, using skills that have been handed down through generations. This bestselling classic is a balm for anyone who has ever sought solace away from the madness of modern life. Published 2nd November 2023 - Order Now.
  • Living on the remote island of Mull has inspired Banjo to be resourceful and inventive in his design outlook. With sustainability and budget in mind, he combines vintage finds with clever design and re-purposes the old, re-imagining it into something new. From contemporary to classic, his spaces are characterful, curated and eco-conscious. In Wild Isle Style, Banjo encourages people to give design a go and create their own signature style. No matter your look, from budget bougie to boho, nouveau or deco, this book will uncover universal ideas that you can easily implement into your home interiors. It's an accessible roadmap to creating authentic and sustainable design that doesn't cost the earth. Including interviews with collectors, sellers and makers, Wild Isle Style gives you permission to have fun with your interiors, to turn shopping into an adventure and help you reclaim your home and your budget.
  • Step-by-step crafting guide with over 70 projects to make throughout the year. This easy-to-follow crafting guide from the queen of crafting Sara Davies will help you and your family craft throughout the year, with projects for beginner, intermediate and advanced crafters. Packed full of ideas, tips and tricks to help you grow in confidence and creativity, as well as useful lists of tools, must-have items and a glossary explaining the key crafting terms and phrases you'll hear time and again as you craft. This practical book includes photographs and step-by-step instructions to help you make everything need throughout the year, from a Valentine's Day gift in spring to a macrame flower hanger in summer, from Halloween treat bags in autumn to a Christmas wreath in winter and everything in-between.
  • 52 Weeks of Easy Knits is a contemporary collection of 52 uncomplicated knitting patterns, ranging from beanies, mittens and scarves to sweaters, socks and cardigans, from Nordic knitting experts Laine. For people who are picking up needles for the very first time, or for experienced knitters who are looking for an effortless comfort project, this gorgeous book contains a fun, cosy and modern knitting pattern for every week of the year - each one a pleasure to knit. The 52 projects have been contributed by leading knitwear designers from across the world. The book uses a 'super easy' label to mark the patterns that are perfect for your very first knitting project. Each project is accompanied by beautiful and helpful photography, and supported by extra material on the Laine website. Following on from the bestselling 52 Weeks of Socks and 52 Weeks of Scarves, 52 Weeks of Easy Knits is a classic book to return to again and again, not just for weeks but for years to come. Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling. Published 9th November 2023 - Order Now.
  • The iconic Danish brand Knitting for Olive is known and loved throughout the Nordic countries and beyond for their contemporary yet classic knitting designs. This book contains 20 gorgeous, accessible knitting patterns for women, and includes both brand new designs and a selection of tried and tested fan-favourites. There is a project in here for everyone: the designs vary in difficulty, and cover a range of jumpers, tops, cardigans, hats and scarves. Each project includes a full pattern and explanation, and a techniques section at the back of the book provides you with any extra information you need to tackle every piece in the book. Fully illustrated with beautiful and stylish photography, this book will take you straight to the heart of the world of Knitting for Olive, and show you how to create your own contemporary, Scandinavian-inspired pieces. Projects include: Chunky Rib Sweater - December Hat & Olive Scarf - Waffle Sweater - Olive Top - It's Not A Sweatshirt - Karl Johan Sweater - Simple and Simple Sweater - Puff Tee.
  • Knit this charming collection of cuddly stuffed animal toys by best-selling author, Louise Crowther. This is a curated collection of previously published knitting patterns from Louise's two animal toys titles: Knitted Animal Friends and Knitted Wild Animal Friends. We have combined the animal toy patterns from both books to create the ultimate knitted animal book featuring just the toys. This collection of 25 knitted animal toys features all the animal patterns that have published in the author's previous two titles and include Hugo the Zebra, Olivia the Elephant, Theo the Lion, Sophie the Tiger and Edward the Sloth as more domestic animals such as Bella the Cat, George the Dog and Dorothy the Mouse. Louise's knitting patterns are renowned for their attention to detail as well as being easy to follow. The animals are all approximately 40cm (16in) tall and their long arms, legs and tails are perfect for little hands to hold. The animals all have the same standard shaped bodies, arms and legs so once you've got the hang of the pattern you will easily be able to follow the instructions to adapt it to different types of animals by adding stripes, patches and contrasting paws. There are separate instructions for the head, tails and different types of fur where necessary. All the instructions are included for how to make up each different animal with step-by-step instructions and photography. Instructions are also included for all the key techniques and stitches required to complete the animals.
  • A collection of beginner-friendly knitting patterns for Foxy, a stylish urban fox, and his friends: Lolly the Cat; Sasha the Dog; Banjo the Bear; Rodney the Raccoon and Echo the Arctic Fox. Follow Foxy and his friends as they set off on adventures near and far and learn to knit them, their clothes and accessories. Packed full of 50 knitting patterns this collection of knitting patterns offers so many options. Knit Foxy and Banjo as they drink coffee and talk about their passion, music. Knit Lolly's cute beret and coat that she wears as she visits the market on her way home from the publishing company where she works. There are written patterns and simple charts (when required) for all the projects and step-by-step instructions and artworks for all the necessary techniques and stitches. As well as the wonderful photography of the friends on their adventures there are wonderful illustrations that really bring their characters to life and will have you reaching for this book every time.
  • More than 150 eye-catching, stash-busting stitches to take your knitting to the next level. Take your knitting to the next level with Knitting Stitches Step by Step. Whatever your knitting ability, this essential guide will help you master a huge range of techniques and patterns, including colourwork, textural patterns, and openwork and lace knitting. Find inspiration for your next knitting project, or adapt a design you know and love with tips on incorporating different stitches into your work. Every stitch is accompanied by full instructions, with the trickiest stitches illustrated with clear photographs and annotations so that you can follow the methods with ease, while the Tools chapter will help you get to grips with the right needles, yarn, and other tools you'll need to recreate each technique. With an at-a-glance gallery to help you find the perfect stitch for your next project, this modern classic is a must-have for knitters of all ages and abilities.
  • Every garden, large or small, in a town or in the country, even one formed completely by pots, can be a living dance of lavish colours, glorious scents and pollen-rich flowers alive to the sound of bird song and the buzz of bees. In Planting a Paradise, Arthur Parkinson, bestselling author of The Flower Yard, focuses on what to grow through the seasons with an array of planting ideas and recommended varieties to inspire the experienced and novice gardener alike. From his newly found love of muscari, narcissi and seeding grasses, to circuses of dahlias, luscious herbs, figs and crab apples, the result is not only a stunning living harvest but also an oasis for wildlife at a time when we need this style of gardening more than ever.
  • Turn your living space into an indoor oasis with the RHS's definitive guide to more than 330 house plant varieties. Take your house plant collection to the next level with RHS House Plant. Discover the best varieties to suit your home from more than 330 profiles on every kind of house plant you can imagine, from succulents and cacti to orchids, bromeliads, and even carnivorous plants. Complete with essential care advice to keep your plants alive and thriving, propagation tips to help you grow your collection, and 24 step-by-step projects designed to make the most of your greenery, RHS House Plant has everything you need to create, cultivate, and care for your indoor garden.
  • Join photographer George Munday on a tour around the eccentric, beautiful, bizarre and eye-catching follies that decorate our island. Ireland possesses a wealth of follies - picturesque buildings erected to commemorate loved ones, to enhance a view, to tell a tale from the past ... or simply on the whim of their wealthy owners. Discover the Jealous Wall at Belvedere, County Westmeath, erected by Robert Rochfort to block his brother's house from view, and Conolly's Folly in Castletown, County Kildare, built to provide work during famine. Visit Ireland's only inland lighthouse, at Lough Corrib, the delightful Shell House at Ballymaloe, County Cork, and a former ice-cream parlour in Roscommon with harp-shaped windows, among many others. Photographer George Munday's breathtaking images are accompanied by the intriguing stories behind the construction of these wonderful oddities that dot our landscape.
  • The Cottage Life reflects our collective desire to escape the chaos of modern existence; to live with more purpose, more compassion and more joy. The Cottage Life is an essential guide to slow and simple living, inspired by the magical world of cottagecore. To follow the cottagecore aesthetic is to wear secondhand clothes that tell their own stories; to bake fresh bread and cakes, no matter how wonky the outcome; to spend time in nature, to observe and draw the plants, to breathe freshair and to connect with species beyond our own. It is taking the time to notice the seasons change, or to turn off your screen mindfully and pick up an old novel instead. It is lighting a fire on the first cool night of autumn and sipping a fresh cup of tea by the fireplace, or watching the first spring leaves unfurl after the long, dark winter. Celebrating the small joys in life, from the first birdsong of the morning to the taste of ripe plums on a summer afternoon. And, above all else, it is learning to slow down, connect with the world around you and be a more compassionate, conscientious citizen of the earth. Each chapter explores different ways of embracing the cottagecore lifestyle, such as interacting with nature, eating seasonally and getting creative. Inherently low-impact and green, cottagecore embraces reuse and recycling and celebrates an old-fashioned no-waste ethic. Fortunately for most, possession of a country cottage is not essential to embody the cottagecore spirit. With guidance on nurturing your home and small touches for interior decoration, The Cottage Life brings country living ideals to any space. Cottagecore is much more than a fashion trend or social media bandwagon. It is a peaceful protest against the darker elements of modern life-The Cottage Life is a gentle embrace with the past, encouraging you to truly enjoy the present and nurture a brighter future.
  • What looks good and why? Design consultant Frida Ramstedt runs Scandinavia's leading interior design blog. In this book she distils the secrets of successful interior design and styling to help you create a home that works best for your space, taste and lifestyle. Filled with practical tips, rules-of-thumb and tricks of the trade, The Interior Design Handbook will help you to think like a professional designer. 'Frida has created this BIBLE to interior design ... such useful info that has taken me years to learn, all in one place' Rebecca Wakefield, Studio Fortnum 'Beautifully illustrated with handy line drawings ... The Interior Design Handbook gets down to the nitty gritty of successfully putting a room together' Fabric Magazine 'Take it to bed and you'll be utterly engrossed and enlightened' Stylist


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