• "I'm a big fan of Susan Hilll's writing (if you like crime writing do read her Serailler novels - they're great!) This novel gives a shocking insight into childhood bullying and the consequences that can follow. Powerful and psychologically intense." Bob ISBN 9780140034912
  • "This disconcerting novel of a man who kidnaps and imprisons a young woman is compulsive and cleverly written. It's a great insight into a twisted psyche and the power of human determination." Bob ISBN 9780099470472
  • "Ignore the slightly dubious film jacket! This is a wonderful, passionate and beautifully written love story where food reflects and compels the dramatic relationship between the two main characters. As a Spanish friend once said to me: 'Bob, you are English, you have tea in your veins. But I am Spanish, and I have fire in my blood!' A beautiful book." Bob ISBN 9780552995870
  • "Beautiful and insightful writing as ever from the magnificent Colm Toibin. What he excels at is the emotional lives of his characters and the way that their words don't always convey their feelings. This novel about writer Henry James shows the perils of following the head over the heart!" Bob ISBN 9781509870530
  • "A stunning, intelligent and informative novel that examines the role of black maids in Mississippi as the issue of racial segregation becomes a political force." Bob ISBN 9780141039282
  • From the author of HAMNET and I AM, I AM, I AM comes the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller MY LOVER'S LOVER, an intense, unnerving and passionate story of betrayal, loss and love, with all the frisson and psychological intensity of Rebecca. When Lily moves into Marcus's flat and plunges headlong into a relationship, she must contend not merely with the disapproval of flatmate Aidan, but with a more intangible, hostile presence. Could it be that Sinead, Marcus's ex, is trying to communicate with her? When Lily begins to 'see' Sinead, first about the flat, and then on the streets of London, she must question not merely her sanity, but whether the man she loves is someone she can, or indeed ought, to live with at all. ISBN 9780747268178
  • From the bestselling, critically acclaimed author of HAMNET and I AM, I AM, I AM, comes an intense, breathtakingly accomplished story of a woman's life stolen, and reclaimed. 'Unputdownable' Ali SmithEdinburgh in the 1930s. The Lennox family is having trouble with its youngest daughter. Esme is outspoken, unconventional, and repeatedly embarrasses them in polite society. Something will have to be done. Years later, a young woman named Iris Lockhart receives a letter informing her that she has a great-aunt in a psychiatric unit who is about to be released. Iris has never heard of Esme Lennox and the one person who should know more, her grandmother Kitty, seems unable to answer Iris's questions. What could Esme have done to warrant a lifetime in an institution? And how is it possible for a person to be so completely erased from a family's history?. ISBN 9780755308446
  • One morning in autumn, just after breakfast, Jia Jia finds her husband dead in the bathtub of their Beijing apartment. Next to him is a piece of folded paper, a sketch of a strange creature from his dream. He has left her no other sign. Young, alone, and with many unanswered questions, Jia Jia sets out on a journey. It takes her deep into her past where, for the very first time, she begins to have a sense of her future. ISBN 9781529112160
  • Discovered amidst a tangle of sea grape trees, Moshe Fisher's provenance is a thing of myth and mystery; his unusual appearance, with blueish, translucent skin and duo-toned hair, only serves to compound his mystique. Equally feared and ridiculed by peers as he grows up, he finds a surprising kindred soul in the striking and bold Arrienne Christie, but their complex relationship is fraught with obstacles that tear them apart as powerfully as they are drawn together. ISBN 9781786898708
  • What is the shape of a life? Is it the things that happen to us? Or is it the stories we tell about the things that happen to us? From the coast of the Adriatic to the salt spray of Santa Barbara, the narrator of Topics of Conversation maps out her life through two decades of bad relationships, motherhood, crisis and consolation. The novel unfurls through a series of conversations - in private with friends, late at night at parties with acquaintances, with strangers in hotel rooms, in moments of revelation, shame, cynicism, envy and intimacy. ISBN 9781788164054
  • When Anita finally returns home to London after a long absence, everything has changed. Her father is dead, her mother is away, and she and her sister Beth are alone together for the first time in years. They share a house. They share a family. They share a past. Tentatively, they reach out to one another for connection, but the house echoes with words unspoken. ISBN 9780241482681
  • "Beryl Bainsbridge was a master of historical fiction. She takes an historical event and brings it to life through believable characters, attention to detail and truly wonderful writing. This account of Titanic's ill-fated voyage won the Whitbread novel of the year award in 1996 and is both intelligently written and emotionally involving." Bob ISBN 9780349108704
  • It is summer and a stranger has come to quiet Rathmoye. He is noticed by Ellie, the young convent girl, who is married to Dillahan, a farmer still mourning his first wife. Over the long and warm days, Ellie and the stranger form an illicit attachment. And those in the town can only watch, holding their tongues, as passion, love and fate take their inevitable course. 'Lingers in the memory as a beautiful meditation on love, belonging and the impossibility of escape' Observer 'Unbearably moving' Spectator ISBN  9780141042190
  • "I kept having to stop reading this book to go and give my dog Homer an enormous hug, just to let him know how unspeakably fabulous he and all dogs were, just like Mr Bones!!" Ann ISBN 9780571229093
  • "Often described as a 'cult classic' Bukowski's debut novel is much more than its label. An uncompromising and raw story of one man's determination not to be ground down by the system, this is powerful and seriously funny writing." Bob ISBN 9780753518168
  • "Not a happy tale but a tour de force, and it is easy to see how it shocked so many on its publication." Ann ISBN 9781847492401
  • "Absorbing characters, a great sense of time and place, and a story with depth, excitement, and heart - Join the adventure..." Ann ISBN 9781841154930
  • "A boy struggling to come to terms with the death of his mother, escapes through a portal into a fairytale world of magic and adventure. Don't be fooled, this is John Connolly after all and all is not as it seems!!" Ann ISBN 9781473659148


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