• Hilary Bradt's classic account of a journey through Ireland on horseback in the 1980s published for the first time in a single volume. In 1984, Hilary Bradt achieved an ambition from her pony-mad childhood to undertake a long-distance ride. This warm, funny and heart-wrenching account centres on the growing bond between the author and her Connemara ponies, Mollie and Peggy. Using her experience of horsepacking in Peru with saddlebags imported from America, she and Mollie set forth with no decent maps, and only a vague idea of the route. The many challenges and obstacles they face include impassable rivers, bogs, stone walls, and the author's own shyness. The book is also a portrait of a vanished rural Ireland before the Celtic Tiger era, built up from descriptions and conversations with local people. The journey takes Bradt and her ponies a thousand miles south from county Mayo, around the peninsulas of Kerry and Cork, and inland towards Waterford. 'I've never tried hitchhiking with a horse before,' comments the author, faced with the challenge of getting across the River Shannon. 'It's not easy!' Originally published in two separate volumes, Connemara Mollie and Dingle Peggy, this brand new edition brings the whole story together for the first time, with new photographs and material. ISBN 9781784778255
  • Caitríona Perry is an award winning Irish journalist. She has worked as a broadcast news correspondent since 2000, including four years as RTÉ’s Washington correspondent. Following her time there, she was described in the official record of the US Congress as having 'done meaningful work to shed a spotlight on modern US Ireland relations and informed audiences in both America and Ireland'. She currently anchors RTÉ’s flagship television news programme Six One. Her first book, 'In America: Tales from Trump Country', was shortlisted for an Irish Book Award. ISBN 9780717184828
  • A stunningly presented modern-day fable from world-renowned talent Oliver Jeffers. "In an age of exquisite picture books, this is possibly the most beautiful of the year..." The Observer. There was once a man who believed he owned everything and set out to survey what was his. "You are mine," Fausto said to the flower, the sheep and the mountain, and they bowed before him. But they were not enough for Fausto, so he conquered a boat and set out to sea... Working for the first time in traditional lithography, world-renowned talent, Oliver Jeffers, combines spectacular art with powerful prose, hand set using traditional lead type, to create a poignant modern-day fable to touch the hearts of adults and children alike. ISBN 9780008357917 Great for Ages 0-99
  • Gina and Karol Daly have always been larger than life, there just isn't as much of them anymore. Together they've lost almost ten stone, and they've done it while eating food that looks like it could have come straight from the local takeaway. Just over a year ago they started sharing their recipes on Instagram and have since garnered over 100,000 followers between them. The Daly Dish is the first collection of recipes that have made the couple an Instagram sensation. For anyone who wants to eat the food they love, but with slimming tweaks that support weight loss and maintenance, it is packed with delicious and easy-to-recreate meals, proving you can lose weight while still loading your plate! ISBN 9780717186495
  • Ireland is home to some of the most dramatic and beautiful outdoor swimming spots in the world. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or just starting to discover the joy of wild dips, this comprehensive guide will inspire you to discover new locations for swimming, diving and snorkelling in dramatic bays and magical waterfalls, in secret coves and serene rivers and lakes. Here you will find expert tips, spectacular photos and practical information on parking, access and swimming conditions. The maps, grid references and clear directions make it easy to find these locations where you can escape the crowds and take the plunge in some of the most awe-inspiring corners of Ireland’s landscape. Published 9th May 2024 - Order Now.
  • Old Ireland in Colour brings to life the rich history of Ireland and the Irish through the colour restoration of these stunning images of all walks of Irish life throughout nineteenth and twentieth century. From the chaos of the Civil War to the simple beauty of the islands; from legendary revolutionaries to modest fisherfolk, every image has been exquisitely transformed and every page bursting with life. Using a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and his own historical research, John Breslin has meticulously colourised these pictures with breath-taking attention to detail and authenticity. With over 250 photographs from all four provinces, and accompanied by fascinating captions by historian Sarah-Anne Buckley, Old Ireland in Colour breathes new life into the scenes we thought we knew, and brings our ancestors back to life before our eyes.
  • The Irish language has thirty-two words for field. Among them are: Geamhar - a field of corn-grass Tuar - a field for cattle at night Reidhlean - a field for games or dancing Cathairin - a field with a fairy-dwelling in it The richness of a language closely tied to the natural landscape offered our ancestors a more magical way of seeing the world. Before we cast old words aside, let us consider the sublime beauty and profound oddness of the ancient tongue that has been spoken on this island for almost 3,000 years. In Thirty-Two Words for Field, Manchán Magan meditates on these words - and the nuances of a way of life that is disappearing with them. ISBN 9780717187973
  • Beautiful World, Where Are You tells the story of Alice and Eileen, two best friends nearing their thirties in different places and on very different trajectories. As the summer approaches, they exchange emails about art, friendship, the world around them and the complicated love affairs unfolding in their own lives. Alice, a novelist, meets Felix, who works in a distribution warehouse, and asks him if he’d like to travel to Rome with her. In Dublin, her best friend Eileen is getting over a break-up, and slips back into flirting with Simon, a man she has known since childhood. Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon are still young—but life is catching up with them. They desire each other, they delude each other, they get together, they break apart. They have sex, they worry about sex, they worry about their friendships and the world they live in. Are they standing in the last lighted room before the darkness, bearing witness to something? Will they find a way to believe in a beautiful world? They say they want to see each other again soon. But what will happen when they do? ISBN 9780571365425
  • The Sunday Times bestselling author of Snow and April in Spain returns with Strafford and Quirke's most troubling case yet. 1950s Dublin, in a lock-up garage in the city, the body of a young woman is discovered, an apparent suicide. But pathologist Dr Quirke and Detective Inspector Strafford soon suspect foul play. The victim's sister, a newspaper reporter from London, returns to Dublin to join the two men in their quest to uncover the truth. But, as they explore her links to a wealthy German family in County Wicklow, and to investigative work she may have been doing in Israel, they are confronted with an ever-deepening mystery. With relations between the two men increasingly strained, and their investigation taking them back to the final days of the Second World War, can they join the pieces of a hidden puzzle? 'John Banville is one of the best novelists in English.' Guardian 'Superb and shocking, more than a touch of genius.' The Times ISBN 9780571370979
  • On a wild and rugged island cut off and isolated to some, artist Nell feels the island is her home. It is the source of inspiration for her art, which is rooted in landscape, folklore and the feminine. The mysterious Inions, a commune of women who have travelled there from all over the world, consider it a place of refuge and safety too, of solace in nature. All the islanders live alongside the strange murmurings that seem to emanate from within the depths of the island, a sound that is almost supernatural – a Summoning as the Inions call it. One day, a letter arrives at Nell’s door from the reclusive Inions who invite Nell into the commune to produce a magnificent art piece to celebrate their long history. In the course of its creation, Nell will discover things about the community and about herself that will challenge everything she thought she knew. Published 11th April 2024. Order Now. ISBN 9780008626648
  • Laura de Barra, queen of the home hack, is here to help you shop for, care for and repair your clothes. New or vintage, online or high street - Laura has the tips that will ensure you buy right to begin with and maintain well for longevity. Delving into delights such as fabric composition and manufacturing techniques, as well as how to assess if garments are right for your wants and needs this practical book will teach you all you need to ensure your shopping, storage and laundry habits are enhancing and not hampering the life of your clothing. In a world of fast fashion and dwindling quality, this book will help you contribute positively to an industry impacted by overconsumption. ISBN 9780717198788
  • A brand-new selection of recently broadcast essays, poems and stories first heard on the hugely popular RTÉ Radio 1 weekend programme. The wonderful mix of writing will move, amuse and delight the reader. Featuring pieces from 150 individual contributors, arranged around the months of the year, this is the perfect companion for a Christmas evening and for the year to come. Contributors include: Colm Tóibín, Niamh Campbell, Joseph O'Connor, Louise Kennedy, John F Deane, Susan McKay, Nicole Flattery, Donal Ryan, Manchán Magan, Rosaleen McDonagh, Lisa McInerney and many more... ISBN 9781848409040
  • In sixteen sparkling stories, Jan Carson introduces us to worlds and characters that feel real enough to touch. All of life is here: the thrill of growing up, the grief when youth is over; first love, mature love, parenthood and loss - all shot through with profound compassion, warm wit, and boundless imagination. In 'A Certain Degree of Ownership', a distracted couple on a beach fail to notice their baby crawl perilously towards the sea. In 'Troubling the Water', a rumour spreads at a public swimming pool and chaos ensues. In 'Fair Play' a dishevelled father loses his two sons in an adventure park. Every so often, an irresistible suggestion of the other world will surprise and delight, reaffirming Carson as a thrillingly original and audacious talent, and making Quickly, While They Still Have Horses the perfect introduction for readers new to her work. Published 4th April 2024 - Order Now.
  • Butte, Montana, October 1891, and a hard winter approaches across the Rocky Mountains. The city is rich on copper mines and rampant with vice and debauchery among a hard-living crowd of immigrant Irish workers. Here we find Tom Rourke, a young poet and balladmaker of the town, but also a doper, a drinker, and a fearsome degenerate. Just as he feels his life is heading nowhere fast, Polly Gillespie arrives in town as the new bride of the extremely devout mine captain Long Anthony Harrington. A thunderbolt love affair takes spark between Tom and Polly and they strike out west on a stolen horse, moving through the bad-lands of Montana and Idaho, and briefly an idyll of wild romance perfects itself. But a posse of deranged Cornish gunsmen are soon in hot pursuit of the lovers, and closing in fast... Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • In Heart, Be at Peace, which can be read independently, Donal picks up the twenty-one voices from The Spinning Heart ten years on, in 2019. Small-town Ireland is a different place, the economy having recovered from the economic crash that served as a backdrop to the events in that book. Now the work is back, the dramas have all seemingly died down, the dark days of recession and struggle are over. But a new menace is creeping around the lakeshore and the lanes of the town, old grudges are festering and new ones are rising, and the peace of the community is about to be shattered in an unimaginable way. Young people are being drawn towards the promise of fast money whilst the generation above them tries to push back the tide of an enemy none of them can touch. Published 15th August 2024. Order Now.
  • Delving into the lives of three generations of women, The Amendments is an extraordinary novel about love and freedom, belonging and rebellion - and about how our past is a vital presence which sits alongside us. Nell and her partner Adrienne are about to have a baby. For Adrienne, it's the start of a new life. For Nell, it's the reason the two of them are sitting in a therapist's office. Because she can't go into this without dealing with the truth: that she has been a mother before, and now she can hardly bring herself to speak to her own mother, let alone return home to Ireland. Nell is running out of places to hide from her past. But to Ireland and the past is where she must go, and that is where The Amendments takes us: to the heat of Nell's teenage years in the early 2000s, as Ireland was unpicking itself from its faith and embracing the hedonism of the Celtic Tiger. To 1983, when Nell's mother Dolores was grappling with the tensions of the women's rights movement. And then to the farms and suburbs and towns that made and unmade the lives at the centre of this story, bound together by the terrible secret that Nell still cannot face. 'Extraordinary. I loved it' Jessie Burton 'Engrossing and moving... gives voice to so much thats unspoken about Ireland' Emma Donoghue 'Wonderfully compelling... haunting' Joseph O'Connor Published 18th April 2024. Order Now.
  • Marking fifty years of the founding of an LGBTQ rights movement in Ireland, Reeling in the Queers explores the lesser-known stories of the fight for LGBTQ rights since 1974, beyond decriminalisation and Marriage Equality. From 1990s boy bands to the AIDS priest, Fr Bernárd Lynch, from the Belfast Lesbian Line to proud parenting, from the earliest Pride events to the last days of Alternative Miss Ireland, fourteen distinct moments map the changing social and cultural landscape of Ireland. These stories, from across the island of Ireland – and further afield – celebrate a strong community and its allies, and speak across the generations. Together, they tell a new story of the gains, losses, devastation and community rising from the ashes of defeat. It is a hugely enjoyable and insightful read for both those who lived through this movement and for those who enjoy its benefits today. Drawing from oral history as well as archives, Reeling in the Queers brings even more to life the great big queer tapestry in Ireland. Queer history in Ireland is Irish history and acknowledging and celebrating the light and the dark of it protects all of our futures as much as our pasts. Published 7th June 2024 - Order Now.
  • In thirteenth-century Ireland, a woman with power is a woman to be feared. When a young Alice Kyteler sees her mother wither under the constraints of family responsibilities, she vows that she won't suffer the same fate. Soon Alice discovers she has a flair for making money, and builds a flourishing business. But as her wealth and stature grow, so too do the rumours about her private life. By the time she has moved on to her fourth husband, a blaze of local gossip and resentment culminates in an accusation that could prove fatal. Inspired by the first recorded person in Ireland to have been condemned as a witch, Bright I Burn gives voice to a woman lost to history, who dared to carve her own space in a man's world. Published 6th June 2024 - Order Now.


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