• 'The events of the first and second world wars are brought to vivid, startling life thanks to Amaral's skill at colourising contemporary images' ObserverThe epic, harrowing and world-changing story – in words and colourized images – of global conflict from the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the obliteration of Hiroshima by the dropping of the first atom bomb. The World Aflame embraces not only the total conflagrations of 1914–18 and 1939–45 and the international tensions, conflicting ideologies and malign economic forces that set them in train, but also the civil wars of the interwar period in Ireland and Spain, wars in Latin America, Britain's imperial travails in such places as Ireland, Somalia and Palestine, and events on the domestic 'fronts' of the belligerent nations. Like The Colour of Time, this is a collaboration between the gifted Brazilian artist Marina Amaral, and the leading British historian Dan Jones. A fusion of amazing pictures and well-chosen and informative words, The World Aflame offers a moving – and often terrifying – perspective on the bloodiest century in human history.
  • A long-awaited, myth-busting, and deeply affecting memoir by the daughter of legendary rock star "Mama" Cass ElliotTo the rest of the world, Cass Elliot was a rock star; A charismatic, wisecracking singer from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted band, The Mamas & The Papas; A legend of Laurel Canyon, decked out in her custom-made Muumuus, glittering designer jewellery, blessed with a powerful, instantly identifiable singing voice which helped define the sound of the 1960s counterculture movement. In the nearly 50 years since Cass Elliot's untimely death at the age of 32, rumours and myths have swirled about, shading nearly every aspect of her life. In her long-awaited memoir, Owen Elliot-Kugell shares the groundbreaking story as only a daughter can tell it. In My Mama, Cass, Owen pulls back the curtains of her mother's life from the sold-out theatres and behind the closed doors of her infamous California abode. Born Ellen Naomi Cohen, the woman who was known to the world as Cass Elliot was decades ahead of her time: an independently minded, outspoken woman who broke through a male-dominated business, a forward-thinking feminist, and a single parent who embraced motherhood from the moment Owen entered the world. From the closely guarded secret of Owen's paternity to Cass's lifelong struggles with self-esteem and weight, to rumours surrounding her mother's death, Owen illuminates the complex truths of her mother's life, sharing interviews with the high-profile figures who orbited Cass, as well as never-before-heard tales of her mother and this legendary period of American history. Featuring intimate family and archival photos as well as interviews and memories from famous friends, fans, and colleagues who loved and respected Cass, this book is both a love story and a mystery, a tale of self-discovery and a daughter's devotion. At its core, My Mama, Cass is a beautifully crafted testament befitting of Cass Elliot's enduring cultural impact and legacy, written by the person who knew and loved her best.
  • Big Tech has sold us the illusion that artificial intelligence is a frictionless technology that will bring wealth and prosperity to humanity. But hidden beneath this smooth surface lies the grim reality of a precarious global workforce of millions that labour under often appalling conditions to make AI possible. Feeding the Machine presents an urgent, riveting investigation of the intricate network of organisations that maintain this exploitative system, revealing the untold truth of AI. Based on hundreds of interviews and thousands of hours of fieldwork over more than a decade, this book shows us the lives of the workers often deliberately concealed from view and the systems of power that determine their future. It shows how AI is an extraction machine that churns through ever-larger datasets and feeds off humanity's labour and collective intelligence to power its algorithms. Feeding the Machine is a call to arms against this exploitative system and details what we need to do, individually and collectively, to fight for a more just digital future.
  • Hotel Lux follows Irish radical May O'Callaghan and her friends, three revolutionary families brought together by their vision for a communist future and their time spent in the Comintern's Moscow living quarters, the Hotel Lux. Historian Maurice Casey reveals the connections and disconnections of a group of forgotten communist activists whose lives collided in 1920s Moscow: a brilliant Irish translator, a maverick author, the rebel daughters of an East London Jewish family, and a family of determined German anti-fascists. The dramatic and interlocking histories of the O'Flahertys, Cohens and Leonhards offer an intimate insight into the legacies of the Russian Revolution from its earliest idealism through to the brutal Stalinist purges and beyond. Hotel Lux uncovers a world of forgotten radicals who saw their hopes and dreams crash against reality yet retained their faith in a beautiful future for all. Culminating in a queer love story that saw the daughters of the Cohens and Leonhards create an enduring partnership even as their parents' political visions crumbled, this is a multi-generational rebel odyssey and a history of international communism, one which looks as much to the future as it does to the past. Published 26th August 2024 - Order Now.
  • Uncover the gripping narrative of Irish immigrants who transformed America in the aftermath of the Great Hunger. Tyler Anbinder's landmark work exposes the grit and resilience of the Famine Irish, defying hardship to redefine the American dream. From the bustling streets of New York to the heart of a nation in the middle of change, the compelling journey of these unrecognised heroes is unveiled, painting a vibrant scene of hope that echoes through the heart of America. A captivating testament to courage and perseverance, this book is a must-read, illuminating a pivotal chapter in the making of modern America, a testament to the enduring spirit that forged a new home in the land of opportunity. Drawing on previously unavailable records and a ten-year research initiative, stories of the refugees who settled in New York City are reclaimed. Plentiful Country is a compelling tribute to the resilience of these individuals.
  • In the early 1980s, the pop charts were dominated by musicians tarted up in Day-Glo colours, who fought it out for coverage on our TV screens and magazine pages. Dexys Midnight Runners did things differently. They were surly. They were serious. They were ambitious, but success had to come on their terms. They were a disciplined outfit, a gang with a defined purpose: to make music so pure that it couldn't fail to elicit a deep emotional response from anyone within earshot. And they managed it. This motley crew - in woolly hats and donkey jackets for their first coming; all dungarees and copious body hair for the second - gate-crashed the charts, scoring number-one hits around the globe. But being in Dexys wasn't all sunshine and roses. Many members came, many members went. Some returned unexpectedly as being part of this particular gang was a way of life; it was everything. Nige Tassell, author of the Penderyn Prize-shortlisted Whatever Happened to the C86 Kids? employs his skills of detection to go off in search of the dozens of members who - for however brief a period, and to whatever level of success - have been a part of Dexys Midnight Runners. These are the people who gave the band its sound, its soul, its substance. But whatever happened to them?
  • A tragic fire at the Stardust nightclub on Valentine's Day, 1981 in a working-class suburb of Dublin caused the deaths of 48 young people, with an average age of just 19 years. After years of families and survivors fighting to find out what really happened, new inquests held in 2024 finally revealed the full story. In 1981, the Stardust nightclub in Dublin was a beacon for the city's nightlife - until it became a nightmare. On that fateful Valentine's Day the dance floor became a scene of horror, as flames engulfed the venue, claiming the lives of 48 young people and leaving the survivors scarred forever. In this gripping account the harrowing true story is revealed, citing new evidence brought forward during recent inquests in the relentless pursuit of justice. Through the eyes of the survivors, the families and investigators, compiled with meticulous research and compassionate portrayals of their voices, this poignant book honours the memories of those who were lost, while shedding light on the tragedy that still shocks the nation to this day. Published 8th August 2024 - Order Now.
  • What if you aren't depressed?What if you don't have chronic fatigue?What if you are just... angry? In a world where patience is a virtue and being a good girl is for life, women are never allowed to truly express their anger - and it is making us ill. After a lifetime of being told to repress it, to hide it away and fear it, anger has begun to manifest in female bodies in myriad ways we can't control. And the results are alarming. In this powerful and eye-opening book, psychotherapist Jennifer Cox takes us on a journey from cradle to grave revealing how, at every stage of our lives, women are conditioned not to speak out or 'make a fuss'. Jennifer draws on her wealth of therapeutic experience to show us how to tune in to our feelings of frustration and offers us the tools to express what we have subdued for so long. Women are Angry will show you where your rage is hiding - and how to let it out.
  • Restaurateur and chef Dylan McGrath has cooked for thousands of people, but becoming a father encouraged him to create a new approach to cooking at home, using solid recipes that are guaranteed to deliver on taste, whatever your skill level. In his debut cookbook, Dylan shares the recipes that every man should have up his sleeve and gives a masterclass in the kit and the techniques that will guarantee great results. Beginners will lose the fear of cooking, and confident cooks will be encouraged to take their expertise to the next level. Packed with big flavours, accessible ingredients, and foolproof recipes, this book serves up mouth-watering home cooking to savour and share – with everything from filling brunches to big grills to signature roasts to every dad’s favourite: the BBQ. With chapters such as Comforting Curries, Healthy Cooking, Epic Roasts, Simple Suppers, Perfect Pizza, Brunch and Breakfast, this is a must-have cookbook for dads (or for anyone that has a dad) written by a dad. In fact, the recipes are so good you’ll find everyone in the house wants to use it! Published 24th October 2024 - Order Now.
  • Rita Ann Higgins’ poetry became a national salve during the pandemic, uniquely capturing the mood of the country as read live on radio from RTÉ’s Brendan O’Connor Show. This collection of poetry, containing the bank holiday poems heard on the show and many others, sets a tone for all seasons. From bank holidays to saints’ days and many other annual celebrations on the Irish calendar year, they are at times uplifting, at times nostalgic, always reflective of real life. With poems such as Lúnasa, I Thought Saw St. Brigit Today, My Mother Loved Me in Red, The Púca, Visiting My Father at Christmas and All Souls’ Day, The Long Weekend leaves no question that Rita Ann Higgins is the people’s poet. Published 29th August 2024 - Order Now.
  • When you speak in Irish every word is a tiny poem. Take loinnir – a word that describes the sunlight sparkling on the waves. Loinnir is also used to capture that merriness you feel after early pints of stout in the morning. Suddenly that sunlight isn’t just a thing, it’s a feeling. Here, Hector tells the stories about Irish words in a way that will give you a new perspective on the land, the weather, relationships, feelings, and even the body. Even rain is wetter in Irish!The Irish language lives underneath us in the soil, it blows through the leaves on trees, it’s in the wind and the rain, the water and the waves, our sun and our sky. Irish was part of this island before English. It tells us about our ancestors and explains to us in so many ways who we are. Whether you’re a gaeilgeoir or, like Hector, you were no swot in school and couldn’t write a word of Irish, this is the book for you. The Irish Words You Should Know will have you speaking the cúpla focail with confidence, while reminding you of the fun and magic in the language that is our inheritance. Published 19th September 2024 - Order Now.
  • A collection of poems and essays on themes including the body, illness, motherhood, music, family and friendship. Jackie Lynam is a librarian from Dublin. Her work has been published in several anthologies and journals, and has been shortlisted for the Anthony Cronin International Short Poem Award, The Bangor Poetry Competition and Write by the Sea Poetry Competition. Her non-fiction essays have been published in the Irish Independent and broadcast on Sunday Miscellany on RTÉ Radio 1. TRACES is her first collection.
  • DISCOVER THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HEADLINES, THE REVELATORY ROYAL BIOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR From the Sunday Times bestselling author and Royal correspondent, Robert Jobson - with his extensive connections within the royal household - this revelatory new biography tells the full story of how Catherine, the Princess of Wales, became the woman she is today. Kate Middleton's life's story seems like a modern-day fairy-tale. An attractive, clever, and ambitious girl from unexceptional beginnings meets and falls in love with a wealthy prince destined to be King when they are both university undergraduates. Now, with the British monarchy in transition, Catherine is Princess of Wales and is set to become Queen. Since her wedding on 29 April 2011, Catherine has endeared herself to the people of the UK, the Commonwealth and worldwide on her extensive travels, with her infectious smile, sense of style and down-to-earth nature. Her self-deprecation, willingness to laugh at herself, solid work-ethic - along with her husband, William, warmth, and accessibility - this royal family's dynamic duo have become the most popular members of the Royal Family. But its not come without its fair share of commentary and scandal, particularly with recent revelations on the relationship of the Fab Four with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as her own health scares. As interest in the royals continues to gain legions of new, younger fans, there is increasing interest in their histories and back stories of the principal players in this story. This book aims to discover, through talking to close sources both on and off the record within the royal household, what has made Catherine the woman she is today.
  • The most powerful woman in American political history tells the story of her transformation from housewife to House Speaker how she became a master legislator, a key partner to presidents, and the most visible leader of the Trump resistance. When, at age forty-six, Nancy Pelosi, mother of five, asked her youngest daughter if she should run for Congress, Alexandra Pelosi answered: ';Mother, get a life!' And so Nancy did, and what a life it has been. In The Art of Power, Pelosi describes for the first time what it takes to make history not only as the first woman to ascend to the most powerful legislative role in our nation, but to pass laws that would save lives and livelihoods, from the emergency rescue of the economy in 2008 to transforming health care. She describes the perseverance, persuasion, and respect for her members that it took to succeed, but also the joy of seeing America change for the better. Among the best-prepared and hardest working Speakers in history, Pelosi worked to find common ground, or stand her ground, with presidents from Bush to Biden. She also shares moving moments with soldiers sent to the front lines, women who inspired her, and human rights activists who fought by her side. Pelosi took positions that established her as a prophetic voice on the major moral issues of the day, warning early about the dangers of the Iraq War and of the Chinese government's long record of misbehaviour. This moral courage prepared her for the arrival of Trump, with whom she famously tangled, becoming a red-coated symbol of resistance to his destructive presidency. Here, she reveals how she went toe-to-toe with Trump, leading up to January 6, 2021, when he unleashed his post-election fury on the Congress. Pelosi gives us her personal account of that day: the assault not only on the symbol of our democracy but on the men and women who had come to serve the nation, never expecting to hide under desks or flee for their lives and her determined efforts to get the National Guard to the Capitol. Nearly two years later, violence and fury would erupt inside Pelosi's own home when an intruder, demanding to see the Speaker, viciously attacked her beloved husband, Paul. Here, Pelosi shares that horrifying day and the traumatic aftermath for her and her family. The woman who has been lauded by her opposition as ';the most powerful Speaker' ever shows us why she is not afraid of a good fight. The Art of Power is about the fighting spirit that has always animated her, and the historic legacy that spirit has produced.
  • With revealing, never-before-told stories, Fred C. Trump III, nephew of President Donald Trump, breaks his decades-long silence in this revealing memoir and sheds a whole new light on the family name. For the record… Fred Trump never asked for any of this. The divisive politics. The endless headlines. A hijacked last name. The heat-seeking uncle, rising from real estate scion to gossip column fixture to The Apprentice host to President of the United States. Fred just wanted a happy life and a satisfying career. But a fight for his son’s health and safety forced him onto a center stage that he had never wanted. And now, at a crucial point for our nation, he is stepping forward again. In All in the Family, Fred delves into his journey to become a “different kind of Trump,” detailing his passionate battle to protect his wife and children from forces inside and outside the family. From the Trump house to the White House, Fred comes to terms with his own complex legacy and faces some demons head-on. It’s a story of power, love, money, cruelty, and the unshakable bonds of family, played out underneath a glaring media spotlight. All in the Family is the inside story, as it’s never been told before.
  • A true story of murder and vengeance, a shattered community and a miscarriage of justice that echoes down the decades. October 1971. Nineteen-year-old Una Lynskey vanishes near her home in Co. Meath. In the weeks that follow, and on flimsy grounds, Gardaí identify three young local men as suspects. Within days of her body being found, one of the three is beaten to death by members of Una’s family. The entire sequence of events is a tragedy in a quiet rural community - the wrong men jailed, no one ever facing justice - and becomes one of the most notorious failures in Irish policing and judicial history. In Who Killed Una Lynskey? Award-winning journalist Mick Clifford has built a compelling portrait of the case from interviews with the surviving main players, as well as exclusive access to the files of a private investigator who uncovered information the Gardaí missed - or ignored. A timely, humane and compulsive read, this is a ground-breaking account of the botched investigation and its devastating consequences for not just four devastated families, but also the reputation of the Gardaí.
  • 'My drawings started by accident. I was on tour in Montreal a few years ago and found myself sheltering from the pishing rain in an art store. I went in to get dry and came out with an armful of felt-tip pens and a sketchbook, then went straight back to my hotel room and started to draw. I've never looked back.' Welcome to the visual world of Billy Connolly - comedian, actor, storyteller and artist. In elegant, simple lines Billy conjures up a land of fantastic beasts, mysterious inventions, and blissful calm. Some drawings are charmingly simple, others feel complex, strange or rebellious. Through them, Billy offers fascinating glimpses of his childhood and his Scottish homeland, takes us on journeys to far-flung places, and shares his life-long obsession with music, wildlife and fashion. 'People think I paint or draw things on purpose. I don't, I just draw. It is a portal for my imagination. And, just like my stand-up, I never know where it will lead.'The Accidental Artist brings together the best of Billy's drawings with a selection of his most beloved stories. It is a joyful collision of colour, creativity and storytelling, and an exhilarating new portrait of Billy's extraordinary life. Published 24th October 2024 - Order Now.
  • The youngest of seven children from a renowned Portumna hurling family, Joe Canning was regarded as a prodigy from the moment he stepped onto the pitch as a boy. Could he really be as great as everyone said he was? The answer appeared to be yes when, aged just 19, he burst onto the national radar scoring 2–12 for Galway and very nearly winning the game for his team against Cork. From that moment on, Canning’s form was never less than excellent but it would be another nine summers before he lifted the Liam MacCarthy Cup, the whole country becoming fixated on his quest: could Joe Canning be the greatest hurler never to win an All-Ireland medal? In his highly anticipated memoir, Joe delves into the highs and lows of a remarkable career – the standards of excellence he at times felt chained to, the suffocation of trying to meet other people’s expectations, his parents’ battles with cancer and the perspective that brought as he strove for greatness. Joe also shares the joy at seeing his parents’ faces – the ones he did it all for – when that All-Ireland win finally did happen, and he talks about how he made peace with his decision to retire. Published 10th October 2024 - Order Now.


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