• It's 1992 in Portland, Oregon. Fifteen-year-old Julie Winter moves through her days as if underwater - watching skaters through the constant rain, detached from her best friend's crushes, listening to the same B-side REM song on repeat. The rest of the world is caught up in the AIDS crisis, the war in Yugoslavia, and grunge. But to Julie it's all background. No one at home talks about her older brother, a once-champion swimmer who could be living in Berlin, or could be anywhere. And although she spends her time searching for pictures of him in the pages of Swimmer's World magazine, she'd never considered swimming herself. Until Alexis, captain of the swimming team, tries to recruit her. What starts as a flirtation and an infatuation becomes a chance to join in with the world, find out what really happened to her brother, or finally let him go. Yearning, stifled, and sharp, Dryland is an anti-coming out novel that captures gauzy queer exploration at its quietest and its most loud. ISBN 9781916355347
  • George is very angry. His wife has upped and died on him, and all he wants to do is sit in his underpants and shout at the cricket. The last thing he needs is his cake-baking neighbour Betty trying to rescue him. And then there's the dog, a dachshund puppy called Poppy. George doesn't want a dog - he wants a fight. Dan is a counsellor with OCD who is great at helping other people - if only he were better at helping himself. His most meaningful relationship so far is with his labrador Fitz. But then comes a therapy session that will change his life. Lizzie is living in a women's refuge with her son Lenny. Her body is covered in scars and she has shut herself off from everyone around her. But when she is forced to walk the refuge's fat terrier, Maud, a new life beckons - if she can keep her secret just a while longer... Dog Days is a novel about those small but life-changing moments that only come when we pause to let the light in. It is about three people learning to make connections and find joy in living life off the leash. ISBN 9780857527240
  • Mountweazel, noun: a fake entry deliberately inserted into a dictionary or work of reference. Often used as a safeguard against copyright infringement. In the final year of the nineteenth century, Peter Winceworth has reached the letter 'S', toiling away for the much-anticipated and multi-volume Swansby's New Encyclopaedic Dictionary. Overwhelmed at his desk and increasingly uneasy that his colleagues are attempting to corral language and regiment facts, Winceworth feels compelled to assert some sense of individual purpose and exercise artistic freedom, and begins inserting unauthorised, fictitious entries into the dictionary. In the present day, young intern Mallory is tasked with uncovering these mountweazels as the text of the dictionary is digitised for modern readers. Through the words and their definitions she finds she has access to their creator's motivations, hopes and desires. More pressingly, she must also field daily threatening anonymous phone calls. Is a suggested change to the dictionary's definition of marriage (n.) really that controversial? What power does Mallory have when it comes to words and knowing how to tell the truth? And does the caller really intend for the Swansby's staff to 'burn in hell'? As their two narratives combine, Winceworth and Mallory must discover how to negotiate the complexities of an often nonsensical, untrustworthy, hoax-strewn and undefinable life. The Liar's Dictionary explores themes of trust and creativity, naming the unnameable, and celebrates the rigidity, fragility and absurdity of language. It is an exhilarating debut novel from a formidably brilliant young writer. 'The Liar's Dictionary is the book I was longing for ... Positively intoxicated with the joy and wonder of language ... Eley Williams brings erudition and playfulness - and lovely sweetness - to every page.' Benjamin Dreyer. 'A singular, hilarious, word-drunk novel, which I suspect will be seen in the future as a classic comic novel.' David Hayden, Irish Times. ISBN 9781786090591
  • When Ryan spots a young woman on the tube on his commute, he can't take his eyes off her. Instantly attracted and intrigued, he's keen to find out more about his mysterious fellow passenger. The woman he thinks of as Millie spends all day travelling the Underground, unable to leave for reasons unbeknownst to Ryan. For some inexplicable reason, he just can't shake the feeling he wants to help her escape her endless commute. ISBN 9780008278359
  • "If you have never read a novel by Tim Winton be prepared for a wild Australian landscape filled with raw and wounded characters. This is a novel written with beauty and complexity by a superb and epic storyteller." Carrie ISBN 9780857503916
  • "For some reason I thought Steinbeck would be grim and gritty and so I avoided his work, until a friend put a copy of Cannery Row into my hand. Yes there is grit, but there is life and laughter and great spirit too. A short gem!" Ann ISBN 9780141185088
  • "This powerful and haunting story centers on 3 characters, Stingo the narrator, Sophie a Polish emigrant, an Nathan her boyfriend. All is not as it seems as we discover Sophie's past through flashbacks and her relationship with the brilliant but unstable Nathan. It eventually leads us to the secret that Sophie has to carry...her choice." Sinead ISBN 9780099470441
  • "Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is orphaned at birth, and passed from pillar to post like an unwanted parcel, for he lacks any human odour and so any semblance of human sympathies. Yet he can literally sniff his way to his destiny, and the date with the gallows." Ann ISBN 9780141041155
  • "I love Sarah Waters' historical fiction and this chilling ghost story set in the late 1940s is full of the great period detail and tone of voice she excels at. Very readable, very well-written and a bit spooky!" Bob ISBN 9781844086061
  • "Colm Toibin is an absolutely stunning writer. With clear and concise writing he somehow manages to create the most emotionally involved and beautifully literary novels. This remains my favourite." Bob ISBN 9780330389860
  • "Determined not to miss out on the drama of World War II, two boys contrive to bring the events close to home, with terrible consequences." Ann ISBN 9780571268856
  • "Aside from being the best title ever, this classic novella is impossible to put down. It has a lot to say and is actually very timely about financial problems and what it does to people. If you read this book, you could go back and see the film. Blast from the past!" Sinead ISBN 9781788165907
  • "In the words of the heroine, Dolores Price: 'Mine is a story of craving; an unreliable account of lusts and troubles that began, somehow, in 1956 on the day our free television was delivered.'" Ann ISBN 9780684860091
  • "In this novel by the Pulizer Prize winning Lahiri, you will meet Gogol and follow him through three decades, through his identity crises as a child born of Bengali parents who have moved to the U.S. who never feels like he quite fits in and his career an relationships to his gradual acceptance of who he is." Sinead ISBN 9780006551805
  • "On a small island wracked by Civil war a man reads Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations' to a group of entranced children. This is a moving and beautifully told story from a talented writer." Bob ISBN 9780719569944
  • "For fans of psychological crime, the Simon Serrailler novels are a must-read. Superbly written, full of tension and a satisfying conclusion!" Bob ISBN 9780099534983
  • "A ghost story to chill your bones on a dark winter's night. Very simple, as so many of the best tales are, it will suck you in like quicksand in the tale." Ann ISBN 9780099288473
  • "I'm a big fan of Susan Hilll's writing (if you like crime writing do read her Serailler novels - they're great!) This novel gives a shocking insight into childhood bullying and the consequences that can follow. Powerful and psychologically intense." Bob ISBN 9780140034912


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