2023 Events

Forthcoming events will be posted here.


Our bookclubs are finally back… Bob is no longer available to host bookclubs on Thursday evenings so we’ve had to switch our Cow’s Lane Bookclubs to Tuesdays. We’re aware that some previous bookclub members will have previous commitments for Tuesdays and we apologise for this but sadly had no option. Our regular bookclubs will now run as follows:

Cow’s Lane Bookclubs
Classics Bookclub – 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6pm
Third Tuesday Bookclub – 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6pm
The Gutter Bookclub – 4th Tuesday of the Month at 6pm
Get Active Bookclub – 4th Thursday of the Month at 11am (for Retired 55+)
Our Cow’s Lane Bookclubs will be facilitated by Bob and Marta and last for one hour.

Dalkey Bookclub
Dalkey Bookclub – 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 6pm
Our Dalkey Bookclub will be facilitated by Rebekah and Emilie and last for one hour.

Previous members are welcome to re-join their bookclub on the relevant night. If you would like to join one of our bookclubs as a new member please email info@gutterbookshop.com (Cow’s Lane Bookclubs) or dalkey@gutterbookshop.com (Dalkey Bookclub). We will let you know once a place becomes available – please do bear with us! If you responded to our previous bookclubs call-out don’t worry – you’ll be getting an email very soon, we haven’t forgotten you!

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