2024 Events

Patrick GaleDerek Forbes ‘A Very Simple Mind
Reading + Q&A 
The Gutter Bookshop, Cow’s Lane
Tuesday 2nd April 6.30pm until 7.30pm

The long-awaited autobiography by Derek Forbes, the Simple Minds legend known for those iconic spine-rattling bass riffs which we recognise in many Simple Minds’ songs. This is his story. Derek Forbes started his musical career as a lead guitarist but soon changed to bass guitarist.
He is known for those iconic spine-rattling bass riffs which we recognise in most Simple Minds’ songs and he wrote and co-wrote many of the band’s earliest classics. Derek is also well-known on the international stage as songwriter and bassist for Big Country and Propaganda and has recorded with Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd and Kirsty MacColl. He won an Ivor Novello Award for ‘Outstanding Song Collection’ in 2016 for his song writing for Simple Minds, voted best bass player in the World 1982 and best- bass player from Scotland in 2010.
This Event is Free and Everyone is Welcome.

Patrick GaleThe Freedom Within‘ Gerry Hussey in conversation
with Clare McKenna

External Event  – 1WML
Dublin Book Festival Spring Series
Wednesday 10th April 6pm

It’s time to discover the power of emotional choice, with the author of Number One bestseller Awaken Your Power WithinDo you find yourself dwelling in unhelpful emotions like fear, anxiety and overwhelm?End
lessly chasing something intangible to help you feel ‘enough’?What if a life of greater ease and joy is available to you?In his new book The Freedom Within, bestselling author and health coach Gerry Hussey gives us a remarkable insight into the truth about human emotions: how they shape every aspect of our lives and how every emotion we hold is either enabling or disabling us, healing or hurting us. From understanding the impact of early childhood experiences, family dynamics and unconscious beliefs, to discovering how to unlock our emotional triggers and establish healthy boundaries, this transformative guide shows us how we can redirect our energy from a place of emotional pain to one of power and begin living with incredible inner peace. Step out of the shadows of your past. Connect to your truest self. Discover your emotional superpower.
This Event is Ticketed.

Patrick GaleOne Dublin One BookSnowflake‘ by Louise Nealon
External Event
Samuel Beckett Theatre
Thursday 18th April 7pm until 9.30pm

Join us for a special evening when author Louise Nealon will be in conversation with RTE broadcaster, Rick O’Shea about her novel Snowflake, how she was inspired to write it and what interests her for future writing projects.

Debbie White lives on a dairy farm with her mother, Maeve, and her uncle, Billy. Billy sleeps out in a caravan in the garden with a bottle of whiskey and the stars overhead for company. Maeve spends her days recording her dreams, which she believes to be prophecies.
This world is Debbie’s normal, but she is about to step into life as a student at Trinity College Dublin. As she navigates between sophisticated new friends and the family bubble, things begin to unravel. Maeve’s eccentricity tilts into something darker, while Billy’s drinking gets worse.
Debbie struggles to cope with the weirdest, most difficult parts of herself and her small life. But if the Whites are mad, they are also fiercely loving, and each other’s true place of safety. Startling, fresh and utterly unique, Snowflake is a story of messy families, messier friendships and how new chapters often mean starting right back at the beginning.
This Event is Sold Out.

Patrick Gale‘Olanda’ by Rafał Wojasiński 
European Book Club Meeting in association with EUNIC Ireland & Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin
The Gutter Bookshop Temple Bar
Thursday 25th April 6.30pm until 7.30pm

Awarded the prestigious Marek Nowakowski Prize for 2019, Olanda introduces us to a world we glimpse only through the window of our train, as we hurry from one important city to another: a provincial world of dilapidated farmhouses and sagging apartment blocks, overgrown cemeteries and village drunks; a world seemingly abandoned by God — and yet full of the basic human joy of life itself. Our English translation of Olanda, which includes the radio play Old Man Kalina, brings one of Poland’s great contemporary writers of fiction to the wider world for the first time. These narratives may not contain the entire world, just like a village at the end of a dirt road running through ponds, that floods after a heavy rain, does not contain all that may be found in Warsaw. But the world they contain is an intriguing one, in which everyone, from aging beauties through gravedigger philosophers, defrocked seminarians and even the occasional politician, is welcome.
This Event is Free and Everyone is Welcome – reserving a ticket strongly advised.

Patrick Gale‘The Instruments of Darkness‘ by John Connolly
Book Launch
The Gutter Bookshop Temple Bar
Monday 29th April 6.30pm until 7.30pm

There is still time to order a Signed & Dedicated First Edition Hardback – click HERE.

A Child Missing. A Mother Accused. Charlie Parker Is Their Only Hope.
In Maine, Colleen Clark stands accused of the worst crime a mother can commit: the abduction and possible murder of her child. Everyone – ambitious politicians in an election season, hardened police, ordinary folk – has an opinion on the case, and most believe she is guilty. But most is not all.
Defending Colleen is the lawyer Moxie Castin, and working alongside him is the private investigator Charlie Parker, who senses the tale has another twist, one involving a husband too eager to accept his wife’s guilt, a disgraced psychic seeking redemption, and an old crooked house deep in the Maine woods, a house that should never have been built. A house, and what dwells beneath.
This Event is Free and Everyone is Welcome.

Patrick Gale‘The Irish Construction Cycle 1970-2023
by Nicholas Mansergh
Book Launch

The Gutter Bookshop Temple Bar
Tuesday 30th April 6.30pm until 7.30pm

Ireland has the most cyclical construction sector in Europe, equalled only by Spain. Except for an interlude of normality in the early 1990s, it has been dominated for half a century by booms, busts, slow and painful recoveries, housing shortages and surpluses, soaring and crashing prices. Unless this exceptional cyclicality is tackled, it may frustrate reforms and disrupt housing markets more or less indefinitely.
This work is a forensic and necessary examination of one of the most pressing issues facing Irish society today. It describes how policies on each stage of the development process have evolved, and suggests systematic changes to incentives affecting each of them, designed to minimise the negative impacts of cyclical swings.
This Event is Free and Everyone is Welcome.

Patrick GaleDalkey Book Festival
Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th June 2024

A festival that celebrates and fosters literary talent in. Ireland as well as hosting some of the world’s leading writers and thinkers since 2010.

We are delighted to be working with Dalkey Book Festival again this year, it’s a weekend not be be missed. Keep an eye on their website or sign up for their newsletter to book early and avoid disappointment.

Patrick GaleMy Family and Other Rock Stars‘ by Tiffany Murray
Book Launch
The Gutter Bookshop Temple Bar
Monday 1st July 6.30pm until 7.30pm

In a small corner of a field in Wales, Tiffany Murray is hiding with Boggle the dog, dreaming of her mum’s moussaka, blackberry and apple crumble, and, if she’s lucky, ice-cold lemonade. A sheep bleats.
The smell of hay tickles her nose. The twang of a guitar and crack of a snare carry on the breeze. It’s the late 1970s and Tiff lives with her mum, Joan, at Rockfield, the iconic recording studios.
This place of legend, where some of the most famous rock albums of all time were recorded, is the background to a freewheeling, ever-changing whirlwind of a childhood. Tiff’s days are spent running around the farm, making friends with local wildlife and helping out with the endless array of dishes her mum creates to keep the bands fed. She’s looking for a dog, she’s looking for a father; but the one constant throughout is her and Joan, building an unconventional family in the most unlikely of locations.
My Family and Other Rock Stars is Tiff’s remarkable, truly unique story of growing up in a rural idyll, of Cordon Bleu cookery and of a childhood where the chances of bumping into Freddie Mercury playing piano, or a group of Hell’s Angels turning up to record for Lemmy, or even the hope of David Bowie appearing, were as normal as hopscotch and homework.
This Event is Free and Everyone is Welcome.

Patrick GaleSyrian Gulag‘ by Jaber Baker 
The Gutter Bookshop Temple Bar
Thursday 3rd October 6.30pm until 7.30pm

An estimated 300,000 people have been detained or have died in prison since the Syrian uprising broke out. Syrians can be arrested for liking a post on Facebook or for the political activities of a distant relative. They are imprisoned without trial, and tortured and starved, often to death.
This book is the first to expose the worst prisons in the Middle East, if not the world. In previous years it had been too dangerous to undertake research on this subject, but the enormous numbers of Syrians taking refuge in neighbouring countries and Europe has allowed unprecedented access to their stories. Based on interviews with both the victims and perpetrators, survivors’ memoirs and notes, as well as leaked regime archives, leaked photos, and leaked intelligence files, the book is a testament of the internment and imprisonment system in Syria under the rule of the Assads, father and son (1970-2020)
This Event is Free and Everyone is Welcome.

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